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Pista Concept '08 Track Machine

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Bianchi Pista Concept 55cm 2008

B125AA 39cm / PRO PLT 140mm

Bianchi, Cane Creek Integrated

DURA ACE / Escape

DURA ACE / Escape

Omnium 167.5

Flite Ti, Ritchey Carbon Pro


48x17 street / 48x14 track

Still my favorite track bike I've owned. Thin-walled 7075 aluminum just rides so damn nice.

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Dat stteeeemmmmm


riding in the Greek Orthodox

riding in the Greek Orthodox Church? that's my neighborhood.

good eye.

i grew up around there and got my start skating at that church, especially before the remodel. the concept was built up in my friend's basement across the street and the picture is from right after it got finished.



All the spacers have been

All the spacers have been changed out for one long black one.


Beautiful bike, built up with the Deda Pista drop bars the way the boys in Treviglio intended. How much does your rig weigh?

Between 16 and 17lb... with

Between 16 and 17lb... with clinchers. I'll figure it out when I get it set up in race mode again with the tubular wheelset/Vittoria Pistas.


you re used the spokes?

Yes. Reusing spokes is fine.

Yes. Reusing spokes is fine. Go ask Jobst Brandt. I've since raced on the wheelset with same hubs/spokes/new rims at the track with zero problems.

you already fucked it up?

you already fucked it up?

on my way to alpenrose

on my way to alpenrose velodrome to ride it ironically enough. frame should be fine, both rims are trashed, spokes are most likely re-usable. dude's trailer attached to his pick up truck swang around through a curve approaching an intersection out on SW terwilliger where it meets SW capitol, i got swiped by the trailer and it forced me into a curb on the right, i fell onto the sidewalk and the driver drove off. no license plate on the trailer either. can't find any damage to the frame and the alignment measured fine with calipers/string method but i'm still gonna bring it in to bike central to get it checked out. the carbon fork is still immaculate, there's a small scratch on the left chainstay where the trailer contacted me, and all the components are completely fine besides a few small scratches on bar tape, seat and cranks and i got some road rash.

nice clean set up, I like

nice clean set up, I like it.


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