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O.S.C.A. (njs) & Dura Ace 10 pitch

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O.S.C.A. "fuori serie" njs/56 (cc)/

Nitto 125 AA njs, Dura Ace 7400

O.S.C.A. / Dura Ace track

Dura Ace 10 pitch , Araya gold rims, Hoshi aero spokes, Conti Giro tires

Dura Ace 10 pitch , Araya gold rims, Hoshi aero spokes, Conti Giro tires

Dura Ace 10 pitch/ Dura Ace

Kashimax five gold njs/ Dura Ace 7700 easton njs

MKS Custom Nuevo pedals njs, MKS toe clips njs, Kashimax Dual Sprint njs , Dura Ace 10 pitch

Dura Ace 10 pitch, 49 x 16

Anata wa

totemo kawaii desu O.S.C.A. san


Arigato :)

That stem is awesome!

That stem is awesome!


this should be a featured bike...hands down!!!

this bike

is amazing. perfect job.


still gorgeous


according to Tomity's site OSCA is still around,
they have a studio in Ibaraki prefecture.
my guess is they still make Keirin certified frames, theres just not as much desire over the more popular builders

hope that helps!

Thank you for your note! So

Thank you for your note! So I had a wrong information about OSCA. Glad that they still exist - the bike is perfect to ride!

mmmm.... so nice. i can't wait to see it in the flesh (steel).

...long lost cousin

your headset is Hatta

awsome!!! lookks like hatta swan headset by the way


You're right, it's a Swan super deluxe haven't seen the writing on the top of the headset because it's covered by the stem...


this is only the second OSCA ive ever seen,
beautiful bike!


Me too, don't know much about them only that they doesn't exist anymore. If anyone has more information, let me (us) know!

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