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freddy eddy merckx

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1992 eddy merckx


matching merckx // shimano stx

mavic cosmic carbone // mavic open pro laced to record hub

mavic cosmic carbon // mavic open pro laced to record hub

campy chorus // campy chorus

selle italia // campy

spd // sram

awesome smooth ride, steel is the best!!!

thinking of repainting, the paint is original, but is in pretty rough shape, please give me some suggestions on what to do, i would rather keep the orginal, but the paint is bad, opinions please.....

also if anyone has any steel frames for sale or trade, im looking for high end road frames, such as colnago, pinarello, de rosa, eddy, or something along those lines,, thanks

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Its gone now for awhile, to

Its gone now for awhile, to a new home where it got repainted the right way!!!


what happened to the original EM fork?

I still had it, the bike

I still had it, the bike came that way with the medici fork installed, and I didnt even have the frameset long enough to change it out. This bike is gone now!


is that the Deda Murex stem? I like the look of those, but read they are super flexy.
What is your opinion of them? Does it creak and move around?

You can't

eff with a Merckx Faema replica. That shit is classic. I'm hoping you know that.


You are in possession of a beautiful bike, with lovely graphics and detailing. If you repaint, make sure you can get those graphics(to the last detail)back on that frame as originally intended and laid out. So what if it shows age? That means it's been ridden and enjoyed, as God and Merckx(one in the same)had intended. Take care of it, ride it, enjoy it. Be nice to it, and leave it alone. And keep that spraycan away. I suddenly have the urge to go out and buy a Mavic Cosmic wheelset.


compare with this bike:
1968 Sante Pogliaghi Strada in Faema Team Colours

Eddy was a faema team member... - undisputed the ultimate classic colour scheme!

Zephyrus - ...may the lucky wind be with you!


hey, thanks for you great reply, im about 95% going to leave it alone, but if i ever did get it redone, i would do it exactly the way it first came out of the shop!! I think the cosmics look awesome, and the ride great as well.

I love your coppi as well, so clean looking and great colors!!


It was a pleasure...

By the way, I think you're right about those Mavics on that frame. Perhaps it's the hypnotic effect of the graphics, Mavic's transcendental powers over our minds and bodies(they still make good wheels), or maybe it just works because it does. in the final analysis, we must ask ouselves...What would Eddy do?
When I repaint the Coppi, I'm going to go with the exact same colour scheme and pattern(I love it, too). The only change will be painting on the 'Coppi' graphics, instead of decals. Enjoy the ride.

But please..

get some good looking wheels that'll suit it. Those ones may be good, but they are dog ugly and don't do anything for the bike.

Cool, keep it that way...

If you're going to have the frame painted, have it re-done exactly how it is now including every last sticker on it. If you want to put your style on it have it pinstriped around dropouts and lugs etc. But then there's nothing like rattle-can road-paint orange iether.


i want it to look exactly the way it was new, it is pretty beat up, but if i do get it done, thats the way il do it!!, thanks for the message!


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