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Serotta Ottrott 2006

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Serotta Ottrott ST 50.5cm Custom Carbon/Titanium

Deda Newton Oversize and Thomson Oversize

Serotta F3 Reynolds-made and Chris King

Zipp 404 Clincher

Zipp 404 Clincher

Shimano Dura Ace

Fizik Arione, Thomson Elite set back

Shimano Dura Ace

53/39 12-25

Basically my dream bike. The ride could not be more precise, the fit more perfect, and the efficiency of the power transfer is incredible. It is amazing in sprints, but was made for going down mountains, very, very quickly and as if on rails. Probably shouldn't commute on it, but I can't resist. So glad I didn't opt for a paint job. Custom designed by Cyclefit in Covent Garden.

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What a weapon

This bike is super sweet.

All I can see wrong is a Yank bike should have Yank gruppo... it's crying out for Red.

bike is tits, would love to

bike is tits, would love to see the new ultegra on that baby.

lovely bike


Wow, that is a nice bike! The guy before about the groupset is probably right. :) But would be quite fancy to swap the groupset for you (free of charge of course) in my workshop. Check out my site, if you interested . Lovely bike you have, would love to adjust it, look at it, here and there. Bit jelous as well at the moment, but still love my puppy.

Big up London road bikes!!!!

wine and bikes

looks like my garage, titanium, carbon, merlot and cabernet

'Ott to Trot

Your dream and my dream both! Hands-down one of the best on velospace.

Pure Performance

That bike looks fast just standing still. Who needs a Corvette when you got this (well you CAN carry a passenger with a 'vette!).

Oh my god...

Seriously, I'm surprised you are even a member at velospace. With a bike that fucking beautiful why would you feel the need to look at any other. That machine is pure sex.

you tell no lies. i might as

you tell no lies. i might as well have cried when i saw this thing for the first time. it just looks amazing!


Looks like it's straight out of 'The X-Files' Nano!
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Wow, what a beauty!

Wow, what a beauty!

Damn I love this bike,

I wondered who you were until I noticed that you'd added mine, and then I recognised the Ottrott and the wine!

Now if you'd just get rid of that Shimano stuff and put some proper groupset on there, you might just have the perfect bike ;)

carbon fiber frames

Deleted my comment. I should have just finished reading the profile...

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