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Dolan Track

Bike tags: Track bike
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Dolan Pre Cursa

Nitto 36 track drop bars or very short risers for around town

Alpina carbon fork

velocity fusion with Miche low flange hubs

velocity deep v Miche low flange hubs

Sugino Messenger black crankset

Trek Alio140 saddle , Alpina carbon post

46 16

I am short , and so is the bike

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A little small? Its cool

A little small? Its cool any chick riding fixed is a +1 in my book...

Oh, Dolans. Small bikes

Oh, Dolans. Small bikes always look great. Way to go!



Man, that thing is



i picked up the frame a few days ago and i love it!

i hope

that thing doesnt go up your butt

i hope

that thing doesnt go up your butt

i hope

that thing doesnt go up your butt

bottom bracket

hey there. im thinking of getting this frame. and i was wondering what size bottom bracket youre running on.


that gold rim

is pretty awesome!


bike! where did you pick up this frame at? i've been looking but can't seem to find any sites to buy off of. i'd appreciate any help, thanks!

Is this a 45 cm frame?

Is this a 45 cm frame?
Also, I love this seat, does it have a cutout...and where'd you find it?

I'm about to buy the frame in a week or two, I'm pretty stoked on it!
I really like your setup!

-little rex.

hey sorry I havent been on

hey sorry I havent been on in a while...

I love the frame so much

its a 49 so the S not JR

the saddle dose have a slit and its quite great I'v broken it in for a while now though.


i ordered that frame but

i ordered that frame but mines not that small, are those the road or track forks?

Its a road , I like the

Its a road , I like the choice of throwing a break on if ever needed. great frame tho, you will enjoy it!

I am short.....

Ha ha so am I. Nice ride, I'll be posting the latest incarnation of my short bike tonight or tomorrow. Check it.

Nice bike

Hot build, I espcially like the gold wheel. Looks great.

And hot shoes for sure.

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