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baltimore GT track RIP          Featured Bike! on 08/16/2010

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nitto b123 39cm wide with champ grips or bmx mongoose risers with n.o.s. gt bmx grips

benotto track fork

carbon aerospoke 700c clincher with contintental duraskins

lo flange surly hub 3 cross laced to a 32 hole non machined velocity deep v with continental duraskins

Sugino 75 165mm arms with a 49 tooth sugino chainring ( all NJS )

turbo saddle. Nitto seat post

mks pedals. bmx chain

49t x 18t


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i am trying to find one of these exact frames to buy for my boyfriend who was hit by a car friday and had this frame break. so sad. let me know if you decide to sell please. : )

that stem

that stem is soooo sweet

gtb love

so clean man, check out my finished build!-jroc


where you at i'm in the Space, Sunnnnnnnn!

check my Bike!!


Could this be the bike I saw?

I saw a couple track bikes peeling down Light St. on Federal Hill this past December when the weather was freakishly warm. One was white. It was arousing.

interested in buying

Doing anything with that front velocity?

piece of art. stay tuned

piece of art. stay tuned for my gtb pics-jroc


pretty work~

how is it that i've never

how is it that i've never seen this bike?

Just a thought



That stem angle is so badass...

dis iz why i'm hot...

besides the triple triangle (why the hell do i like that shit? why do you? well we do) and colors, the best part is: "daily ridden"
ride suckas

God damn it....

why is it everytime I see a bike like this... I start thinking about building another bike up.


where did you find red spokes?!

im guessing he got them

im guessing he got them anodized just like the stem and the seatpost.


your bike is amazing, maybe i'll see you around baltimore sometime


I dig the white paint, I was thinking of painting my gtb that color, but the black is still good on it..


Beautiful! Nice touch with the chain.

nice bike

i like how you went from black to white with the frame. here i thought i was being original and going oposite if the black frame. good deal with the red, the skeem looks hot, i'm uploading images of my GTB soon. check it out and let me know what you think.
be easy

Wow. All that red is crazy.

Wow. All that red is crazy. I didn't even know it would be possible to powdercoat spokes and nipples like that.




Saw this bike on a day or two ago and thought it was beautiful. I really want to get a gt track frame some day soon.

Nice work.

Holy mother of god.

Holy mother of god.

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