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Bianchi Pista

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'05 55cm Bianchi Pista

Salsa CroMoto Risers by Nitto

Mavic CXP-22, Formula hub 32h

Mavic CXP-22, Formula hub 32h

165mm Sugino RD

Brooks B-17 saddle

MKS Sylvan Track w/ MKS Toe Clips (M) / KMC Z-Chain

Surly 1/8 17t cog / Sugino 48t chainring / 73.4 in.


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Bars are ill. My next bike very well may be a Bianchi or Cinelli. Shout out to The Northwest!


What is tying down the seats leather?

I like the bike

I dig the bike and I almost bought one. I must say that some of the intelligence on this site makes me wanna shake my head. I hope that's what some people do when the reread what they posted months or even days before. Brakes are not for losers and I can ride either way but get real ride how you like and graduate from preschool. Oh ya nice bike and sorry for the ramble it wasn't you its just smart people.

how bout this

how bout this, put on a brake if you want to. there are thousands of bikes on this site with no brakes, are you going to tell everyone to put brakes on and give them a safety talk?

Well if you're worried about hurting yourself,

You should tape those bars and put on a brake.

bars will be taped soon,

bars will be taped soon, just got the bike. As for a brake, that has yet to be decided

it wont take long to decide that

it wont take long to decide that when you blow past a red light and have to flintstones brake your bike


It's a fixed gear just skid! Only hipsters and loosers need brakes
the frame even comes with a small decal (yellow triangle) that says no brakes!


Takes a bit of practice to get down, plus you should need time to really hone your reactions if you're going to rely on skidding the whole time. For people just riding fixed gears, it's MUCH safer to have a brake. My advice: get a brake, keep it on for 6 months or so while you learn to skid well. Gradually try to rely less and less on the brake during the 6 month period until the point where you're not even using it at all anymore. When you feel comfortable, then you should take it off.

It's your decision if you want to have a brake, ultimately, but I feel that it's a much safer choice to keep the brake while you learn to skid well.


well said if you are into tricks you can also pull some front wheel skids with that brake

I did think about putting a

I did think about putting a brake on there and even got one just in case. The area I ride has very little traffic and I've become comfortable riding without a brake. If and when I move into a more populated area the brake will be brought back up for consideration. Thanks for the concern and discussion

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