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2006 Bianchi Pista Concept

Bike tags: Track bike | Bianchi Pista Concept 2006 Brooklyn New York
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Bianchi Pista Concept 2006



Velocity Deep V 32h Formula Hubs and Rubino Tires

Velocity Deep V 32h Formula Hubs and Rubino Tires


Stock Saddle; pain in the ass.....

MKS Sylvan and MKS Chain

16t Dura Ace

I love my ride. Just gotta get a shorter stem and a riser bar too much crouching.

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For that frame...its beautiful...i dont see why everyone seems to think the pistas are crap...ive had nothing but good times on mine and more to come...



you just gotta

take something perfecty good
and ruin it.

that seat's comfortable, you're ass is too fat

sell the parts to someone who is actually gonna use them for good.

on second thought, sell the bike and get a windsor, put an aerospoke on it with a 44-20 gearing and call it a day


Dude relax. Everything is pretty much staying the same. How many people you see actually keep their stock pista seat? Could be I'm used to BMX seats.It's comfortable on a smooth ride, but sucks on these NYC streets.

All those upgrades, and

All those upgrades, and you're not going to get the back wheel tucked in? You've got that beautiful cutout in the seat tube! Use it!


Once again I just got the bike the day I took the picture.

Platforms dude?


Dude I just got the bike.

Dude I just got the bike. It's a day old. The shop was gonna give me plastic pedals to go if I didn't buy these platform pedals. Which would you rather?

Why would you replace sugino

Why would you replace sugino 75's with a cheaper sugino model?


Replace the Cane Creeks with the heavier and cheaper Deep V?

The answer is "Because it's trendy," and because this person wants to create a rolling cliche.


maybe he didn't want to run tubulars on the street.

Gotta have a spare set of

Gotta have a spare set of wheels for a back-up. NYC streets will kill your wheels/tires. Plus the back blew out on me the other day. Slicks aren't doing me much either. As for the cranks I was misled. Different people different opinions on things. A lot of people say Pista frames are shit. I'm sure a lot of us would disagree.

A lot of touchy people here. It's all constructive criticism in my view and thank you folks for your replies.


Nice top tube pad.


Keep the drops, dude..

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