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Melton         Featured Bike! on 10/19/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Deep V | gold | melton | white
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1980's Melton track frame

Nitto / Nitto

Stock / Stronglight

Machined Deep V laced to Phil High Flange Hub

Machined Deep V laced to Phil High Flange Hub

Sugino 75 w/ black chainring

Rolls San Marco / Nitto

MKS / Galli

Phil Cog.... running 46/18

my pride and joy

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hey Q man

are you still alive?

yesssir. why do you

yesssir. why do you ask?
bike is still in full effect. a few component changes but nothing major.

U wouldn't happen to have a

U wouldn't happen to have a much larger version of the pic with the bike against the wall? i kinda want it as my wallpaper. mighty fine

Hola !

Hola, Clean, "Chingona", "Sweet dreams in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz...Bye Friend.

Pure and simple

w/ a great color combo. Finally got my (non-track) Melton up - I think I'm in good company.


DUDE! that is clean





Absolutely STUNNING bike.

Absolutely STUNNING bike. Very nice work


What tires are u using??

attention to detail!!

Not just a ride around the park.. White must be the new black...


saw it on bike forums, and still lovin it.

What tires

What tires are you using? I really like how the white goes all the way to the machined edge of the wheel. It really smooths out the color change from the gold to the black tire.

wolbers.... they were laying

wolbers.... they were laying around at a local shop... 20 years old or so, and he's got tons more.

Amazing bike

Simple, beautiful. The details really make it, especially those tires, just *perfect*.

Nitto Stem

Just curious - which Nitto stem do you have on there? I like the bike. And I agree the gold deep-v rims look better machined, a nice silver lining.

stem is the nitto dynamic...

stem is the nitto dynamic... nothing special, although i wish i had gone with the jaguar... i think a more agressive angle would look cleaner.

Machined V's

Beautiful bike... I actually prefer the look of your machined gold V's to non-machined, especially with the white tires. Good choice.

thank you! yeah, it was

thank you! yeah, it was actually fate that i ended up with machined sidewalls. it was my original intent to go with non-machined, but they were out of stock 'till november, and i'm far too impatient to wait that long.

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