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Bob Jackson 2006 Custom Pista, in lovely Reynolds 853 steel.

Nitto drops and Thomson stem. The white bar tape is Stella Azzurra. The spacers are titanium things from a Serotta.

Bob Jackson Reynolds 753 fork held in place by a Chris King.

Phil Wood High Flange, Sapim CX Ray, Mavic CXP 33, 2-Cross + Radial Hybrid. Continental tyres.

Phil Wood High Flange, Sapim CX Ray, Mavic CXP 33, 2-Cross + Radial Hybrid. Continental tyres.

Campagnolo Record Pista, 165mm cranks.

Thomson Elite post, holding a white Fizik Aliante.

Time Atac. Izumi Super Toughness.

47 Campagnolo, 17 EAI.

The geometry makes the frame a 60.1cm frame, and whilst it is a track bike the head tube and seat tube angles have been tweaked to make this a really comfortable commuter and every day bike too.

This is my beater. All weather friend and travel companion.

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Love the intro photo . . .

. . . with the wheels riding on infinity. Got me thinking all about my small place in the universe. What a way to spend your days, eh, on a Bob Jackson beater?! Are you kidding me?! Beautiful bike.

Yeah, I've removed the

Yeah, I've removed the 'beater' bit. I've been upgrading little bits steadily and when the Phil Wood hubs arrive I have no right referring to it as a beater.

Yet to get it onto a track though, and you can tell from the beausage marks on the chain stay that I'm not being overly precious.

Phil Wood

Yes, speaking of infinity, Phil Wood hubs automatically disqualify your ride as a beater. But great to see you're riding the wheels off it and earning the resultant patina.

so what are the angles on

so what are the angles on this bike?

No idea I'm afraid. I

No idea I'm afraid.

I supplied Bob Jackson with the fitting figures from my Cycle Fit session.

What I asked for was a track bike that would see only occasional track usage, and be used mostly for the streets of London. I asked him to base the geometry on the Jackson Pista, but to make adjustments to suit the position that the Cycle Fit figures produced.

What they produced is my perfect bike for that set of requirements. I didn't pay much attention to the numbers on it... but if you want I can email Bob Jackson and ask them :)

oh, not that big of a deal.

oh, not that big of a deal.

Saw today, 30/01/2007


i think i saw you ride past me outside of my college (central st martins ) this afternoon, heading down towards the condor bike shop,..

made my head turn, ha. lovely bike.

Quite likely, I go that way

Quite likely, I go that way pretty often on the run from home to work. If you see me, shout, I'll stop and say hi :)

Winter beater?

Surely you jest. A thrift store conversion is a winter beater; what you have is anything but.

Nope, no jesting here, this

Nope, no jesting here, this is the beater. Take a look at the other bike I've uploaded ;)

Winter beater---ha!

I saw your other bike...nice but too many gears for my taste. I'll tell you what, when winter is over and your beater is beat, send it my way. I'll pay the shipping.

When the winter is over I'll

When the winter is over I'll put some drops on the beater, fit it with a finer pair of wheels and try my hand at track racing I think.

The bike is a beauty and a joy to ride, but it looks like hell already. It's rained on the two days since I picked the bike up and already is covered with the grime of London.

It is a Bob Jackson...

You did notice the name, didn't you? I would kill...yes kill (gimme a name and a place, I'll make it so*) to have a frame like that covered in the Grime of London. London simply kicks ass...not a finer city as far as I'm concerned.

*Authorities: I'm JUST kidding.

Apologies for the shitty photos

Only just got the bike home and the light is terrible. I'll get some better photos when I get a chance to get out during the day.

pix are fine

pix okay ... love the reflective tape.. and paint job..

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