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Help me with this conversion to Single Speed!

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Red Benotto

?? - I want them changed - !!

Hello everyone,
This is my first post, and I have only been a registrant here for a few hours. I am hoping to get suggestions on this bike for a conversion to a single speed. I am doing it in about a week, and I wanted to "put it out there" to see what you nice folks might suggest that I do with the handle bars in particular. We're both going single speed for the first time, so any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!
... not sure what's going on with the photos, but it's the red Benotto frame. :)

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Nice bike! I think if you

Nice bike! I think if you want new bars/stem, go for a nice, classic road combo, like cinelli or 3ttt. This would give your lots of different riding positions and would look good to. A new saddle wouldn't hurt either, maybe a rolls or a brooks. Maybe you should look at some other bikes on here for inspiration. good luck!

Take-off parts

Either keep 'em in case you revert, or let me know, I may want to $$ them.

Your single speed conversion

1. Fixed or Freewheel? Best bet-flip/flop. You'll need to add the right freewheel cog and/or the track cog on the other side. If the axle is hollow, get them to cut it off right and use a skewer, much easier. Good news is that a lot of flip flop wheels are pimpin'.

2. Bars/stem? Everyone's advice is good, and different. How are you going to ride, and how do you want it to look. I like bullhorns for comfort and convenience, since I flip flop and use brakes. Your brake levers will work with a lot of bars. Old school stems look a little lighter and slimmer, be sure to match the sizes, is all.

3. Yeah, strip it down. SS are clean bikes, and fixies even cleaner. Get to the bone on it, and it will look better. Even better, if you can get decals off that aren't under clear coat; again, a cleaner look.

4. Saddle up to match yer butt. Pedal down to match your needs.

5. Got hills? go small front ring. No hills, go big and save, just get some shorter chainring bolts or washers.

6. Same chain is easy, just cut and fit. Maybe get a half-link if you don't have the dropout length to adjust.

7. Tires depending on whether you're gonna hop some curbs, etc, or just go blinkin' fast in traffic.

Good luck, send pix.

first off...

decide how your going to use the bike...commuter, cafe cruzzer, u know... get purpose built accesories not just "pimp juice." just remember the old saying: chrome dont get ya home. oh and check out the fgg forum...put up a post and your golden! good luck, and have fun!



first get rid of the chain. then, you need to remove your shifters and deralleurs. take off the cassette and either thread a freewheel on the hub, or add a spacing kit and cog depending on what hub you have. most likely it will take a freewheel. shorten your chain and youre done.

Hey thanks a lot. I'm going

Hey thanks a lot. I'm going to take it in to a shop to get it done (I am seriously lacking in tools and space). If you have any ideas for pimping it out, please let me know - I am currently looking for neat bars, stems, and the like.

not necessarily

singulaters work too...check surly [dot] com...killer.


id throw some nitto rb021 bull horns or some soma major taylor drop bars....Id also get a sleeker stem, it will be a 1inch quill stem, Id go with either a nitto jaguar, cinelli, or 3T


Thanks so much!
I love the nitto stem idea (just like old times), and the Soma 'Major Taylor's look sexy.
Thanks again,

You can choose your bars based on looks but...

The purpose of bars and stem is to get you in a good position for the riding you want to do.

Tha bars and stem you have will give you an upright position with good visibility in traffic. It's practical for short trips in town, but I really prefer something like the Soma Sparrow for this kind of riding, both aesthetically and because you get a more natural hand position. You can flip it up for a more upright position, or down to be a little more aerodynamic.

I've never ridden track drops, I agree the Major Taylors look great, they probably limit you to a single low position which would be ideal for short distances at high speed.

The drops usually used for road racing or touring provide two or more positions, so that you can ride in a more relaxed position with better visibility on the tops or hoods, and get low for aerodynamics on the drops. Changing position really helps over long distances like a long club ride, a century, or a long race stage.

Then get the shop to help you find an appropriate stem length to give you the right fit with the bars you choose. It can still look great, but the right length will feel good too.

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