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Kilo TT - Fluorescent Orange

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Kilo TT

Nitto Dynamic 90mm / Cheap generic risers

Kilo TT / Chris King 2 Nut

Miche High Flange 32h laced 3x to Black Deep V

Miche High Flange 32h laced 3x to Black Deep V

Miche Primato 49t / 107mm BB

Selle Italia Flite / Cheap Kalan

MKS Sylvan / Izumi

Euro Asia cog / 49 x 18t

Cheap frame, overpriced and oversized Paul rack = less living room space but fun townie/commuter. Did I mention it's fluorescent orange?

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mm hmm

I'm not a die hard mod fixie guy, but that's proper biz right there. the rack totally works


kilo tt I've ever seen. good job.

I am building a new bike

I am building a new bike with the same colors I loved it so much

i wayyyy

dig this.


This is the cleanest looking Mercier Kilo tt I've ever seen


Does that brake work pretty well on that non-machined Deep V?

Yea, it's fine. The

Yea, it's fine. The anodizing is starting to wear off as expected.

Bikesdirect? Those cranks

Those cranks are SOO clean!


what does the sticker on the top tube say? is it one of those no brakes! warnings?


does the filled rack throw you off on trackstands?
I need to do something about getting all my weight off my back.

On hot days getting the bag

On hot days getting the bag off the back helps

the bike

the whole bike looks great

Nice Rack

I like this bike. Looks great. My wife likes it too and says she's jealous of your rack. Definitely something unique and nicely done.

Gary Fisher Simple City rack

Gary Fisher Simple City rack


besides being oversized and overpriced, how do you like the rack?

I took a few days to get

It took a few days to get used to having a little extra weight swinging off the front end. On long commutes keeping the bag in the rack and off the back helps keep the shoulder and back sweat to a minimum. I Like it.

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