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Alfonso, the trainhopping bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | 4130 | conversion | lugged giant | traveler
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Giant Firefox (lugged, 4130)

Dia-Compe stem and no name flop 'n' chop bars

campy chours headset, Fork:unknown

mavic open pro to dura ace high flange track via DT Competition. Dia-Compe Brake

mavic open pro to dura ace high flange track via DT Competition

bontrager racelight cranks and GXP external BB (both dumpstered)

Terry Zero seat and Sugino seatpost

old school campy record pedals w/MKS clips and soma double straps. as for the chain, it's complicated.

UAI 17T cog Sugino Messenger chainring 48T 1/8th

A real trooper. I've ridden it everyday for about a year and a half. Taken it trainhopping with me all last summer and this spring. I've even (reluctantly) thrown it off a moving train at 5-10mph a couple times. It's the punkest bike I know. I recently upgraded the wheels (hence, different in picture than described)

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um... did you live at the

what a coincidence... i saw your (broken ?) frame hung on the wall the other day, with a RIP sign.

sucks !

Holy shit! MY name is

Holy shit!

MY name is Alfonso, and I hopped trains with my bike (RIP) this summer!

fuckfuckfuck, this is such an intense coincidence

the story makes it awesome

you could be riding a one piece cranked huffy for all fucks sake, you're a trooper, and your bike couldnt have a better owner.
bravo bike alfonso and rider.


man this opens up such exciting possibilities to me. i've been meaning to travel again but i'm so tied to my bike and i didn't think it was possible to take it trainhopping or hitchhiking. do you squat/if so, has it proven to be much of a nuisance?

It's never been a problem as

It's never been a problem as far as I can remember. If I can't bring it in with me I just lock it up out side.

overall how much more time

overall how much more time consuming was it having a bike while trainhopping? my friends and i were going to go but the one thing that's holding us back is our bikes. would you suggest bringing them the first time?

bringing a bike with me has

bringing a bike with me has saved me so much time and effort, but also been a pain sometimes. I can just ride out to the yard, rather than have to find out bus schedules or walk FOREVER. In the yard, when my train comes I can kick it up a bullrun with ease, rather than huffing and puffing running trying to find a ridable. and when I get to where I'm going I can jump off, find a road, and get the fuck out of there. Its saved me countless hours.

The down sides are climbing over strings of cars, there's no easy way to do that, even with another person, and if you end up in a yard you might have to climb over 5, 10, 15 strings maybe. Not fun at all. Also Also hopping on the fly is pretty much out of the question, unless your superman. And lastly, you can't ride grainers. Unless you doing some moonlight ride there's no real way to hide your bike.

Yeah, bikes on trains, i recommend it. It saves you assloads of time.

thanks so much. that

thanks so much.

that answered the majority of the questions i had.
but yea, i figured it would make things way easier as far as getting to the yard goes.

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