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1978 Schwinn Volare

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Schwinn Volare 1978

SR forged

Dura Ace headset

DA hub, Araya rim

DA hub, Velocity Aerohead rim

Dura Ace

Dura Ace seatpost, Vetta cheap comfortable seat

DA pedals

She's my baby and my everyday ride. She really turns heads. Those chrome lugs shine on sunny days.

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Super hot.

You scored hard.

Stem diameter

Hey, I admit I don't remember- could you tell me is the stem on this bike one of the .0833 Schwinn proprietary sized ones? It looks like it in the pics, but I can hardly believe they would do that to this bike.

Schwinn Volare

Alas, I had one of these once, but no longer. I got it for cost while working in a Schwinn shop in 1978! It was a 25" frame- a bit too big for me, but I still loved the way it rode. At least I still know where it is and who is riding it. I still hold out hope of finding one like this- even just the frame and fork. Quite a rare find though, I am sure. I don't think they made very many of them. My two cents: enjoy your beautiful bike and keep it original. Seems like that's what you are doing though. I like the shots a the Milwaukee Art Museum!

hand-made by Panasonic


Not many people know that this is a handmade frame by Panasonic. Beautiful craftsmanship. I am so jealous! I got mine as a frame and fork without all that sweet original dura-ace swag. I get pulled over all the time by people on high end bikes trying to figure out what I am riding.

We are a small group of Volare owners. Your's is about the 5th one I have seen online.

Terence Brashear

just beautiful..... A R T &

just beautiful.....

A R T & A U D I O @ T S U R U R A D I O . c o m



Nice picture, even better

Nice picture, even better ride. I was out and about on my Milwaukee build this past weekend around the area of the Art Museum (they had the art festival this past weekend). Keep the Schwinn rolling.


I covet the Milwaukee frames. They are just gorgeous.

I have a road frame in Cream

I have a road frame in Cream City built up by Steve Tiber from Ben’s. I’ll post it on here when I have the time. Oh yeah, whatever you do, don’t convert the Volare to a fixed gear. She’s beautiful just the way she is.

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