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Colonel Mustard – 1973 Varsity

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1973 Schwinn 10-Speed Varsity, pure steel

Handlebars: Unbranded steel drops, Stem: alloy Pivo stem

Fork: Stock, Headset: Stock

Rim/Hub: Weinmann alloy 27" polished

Rim/Hub: Weinmann alloy 27" polished

Crankset: Sprint (39/50), Bottome Bracket: Stock

Saddle: Vintage Brooks Team Professional, Seat Post: Idéale post and saddle clamps

Pedals: Stock, Chain: Sedis Pro

Gearing: 14-16-20-24-28 Shimano freewheel

Found this bike two months ago at a garage sale in Kenosha, WI for the price of about five gallons of gas. I started by taking off the original tires that were dry rotted, the plastic handlebar tape that was flaking off and removing about 8 pounds of grease/grime from the chain, cog, and crank-set. Took the Brooks Saddle off and used leather conditioner to get it back into shape. Everything is original except the wheels, tires, handlebar tape, brake springs, and Rhinelander Brewing Company “Export Beer” crate that I attached to the rack with bungee cords and jute twine. The roller generator is an ancient Soubitez that runs the Halogen headlamp and taillight that were manufactured in West Germany.

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Old Schwinn

I love there old Schwinn 10 speeds... They weigh a ton!!!
Best color ever produced by Schwinn " Radiant Coppertone"

wat kinda thing is that on

wat kinda thing is that on the back
that is holding the beer case, wats it called?

A bungee cord?

A bungee cord?

Great looking varsity

Love the color and the crate. I hope to stumble onto a really early varsity one of these days.

Sweet ride

i dig the packard, too. two-door?

Yeah, it's a 1950 Packard

Yeah, it's a 1950 Packard Two-Door with a straight 8. The car is for sale by the way.

Bad Ass

Bad Ass

Ha ha, thanks. Your Le Tour

Ha ha, thanks. Your Le Tour isn't too shabby either.

Retro Cool

Love the patina on this old steel frame. Everything else is nicely done. Cool ride!

Beer Basket.

I’ve resorted to riding it since my SOHO S got jacked in downtown Chicago a couple weeks ago. Only issue I’ve had with it is someone attempted to steal the fenders off it. He/She/They only managed to get one bolt off and strip the heads off the rest while it was locked up on the street. I’m looking for some original Flexon handlebar tape. If anyone knows where I can get some it would be much appreciated.

Also, when I ride to baseball games I do indeed haul beer in the basket.


Beer basket + headlamp = money

I dig the style of this.

I dig the style of this. Very nostalgic. It makes me miss my old Schwinn.

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