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Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra-Faglum 1988/1989         Featured Bike! on 07/22/2010

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Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra (Fåglum brothers Swedish) 55cm Columbus SLX tubing-Campagnolo tips & rear drop-outs

Cinelli 66's old logo , 3TTT Colnago 100mm

E.merckx , Compagnolo Chorus

Campagnolo Shamal, Continental Sprinter tubular

Campagnolo Shamal 8 Speed record cassette ,Continental Sprinter tubular

Campagnolo Triomphe cranks , Campagnolo Triomphe Bottom Bracket

San Marco SRX , Campagnolo Triomphe

Crank Brother Egg beaters C, SRAM

12-23 Campagnolo 8 Speed cassette .

I have received some more news about my frame set , this Team Stuttgart team color painted frame that was imported here in Sweden was also know as the "Team PK-Banken scheme" hopefully more to come later .

This E.Merckx was imported by the Fåglum brothers here in Sweden and hand built for the Swedish market , the frame is a 1988/1989 Corsa Extra . Wheni received this frame i changed out all the stock components because i had a almost unused Triomphe group Set just waiting for a worthy frameset . NOS parts are bars,hubs ( front & rear) , rims ( front and rear )rear derailer .

This paint scheme is identical to the E.Merckx Team Stuttgart , but it could ahve been a possible over manufactured frameset and the Fåglum brothers imported them to Sweden . I havent actually seen any other fåglum framesets here in Sweden but apparently there were many sold .
if anyone has any more info about this frame set please , all info is very welcomed .
link to a broschure of this model, Top right on the picture

Cheers T

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so badass!!! those

so badass!!! those colors!!!!

Great lookin bike! I've got

Great lookin bike! I've got the same frame with original Croce component set up for the Swedish market. And it surely is a sweet ridin bike is´nt it?

Too much pretty! Shamals

Too much pretty! Shamals compliment the colors perfectly. An all-white saddle and a EM-panto'd stem would tie-up the deal...

this is soooooooo nice :)

this is soooooooo nice :)

absolutely gorgeous!!!

absolutely gorgeous!!!

Looks great sittin' on the

Looks great sittin' on the campy shamals


WOW, bike designs have sure changed sing back then haven't they? I have a mid 70's PUCH that this looks a lot like.

None are more hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free.

My favorite color scheme of

My favorite color scheme of all time, lucky you.



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