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Custom Vintage Chris Kvale Time Trial Bike

Bike tags: Road bike | Chris Kvale | Custom | time trial | TT
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Custom Chris Kvale Time Trial

Cinelli LA84, Custom Drop Stem

Chris Kvale Steel, Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Record hub laced to Araya Aero 4 tubular rim with Panaracer Rapide tire

Campagnolo Record hub laced to Araya Aero 4 tubular rim with Panaracer Rapide tire

Campagnolo Record, Campagnolo Record

Sella Italia, American Classic

Campagnolo Record

54 - 12

This bike originally belonged to the frame builder, Chris Kvale. Since it was his personal bike, he didn't spare any expense building it. The bike has some neat tricks, like the backwards mounted brakes, and both brakes are controlled with one brake lever. It's LIGHT too. It weighs in at just over 16 lbs, with pedals. Not bad for a geared steel bike, eh?

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that stem is really cool man.

Innovative and amazing. I

Innovative and amazing. I love it.

Front Brake / Downtube

This is one of the most beautifully crafted bicycles I've ever seen. You're a lucky man! I wonder if it can turn left? The front brake seems to be blocked by the downtube for left turns. Not that the bike will need hard turns, just curious...


Thanks! The front brake actually clears the downtube just fine. There's not much play in the cables up front though, so you can really only turn the bars a few inches in each direction. But like you said, I don't do a lot of sharp turning on this bike. ^__^


once, i thought of having both brakes in one lever
that is really cool
this bike is a beauty!

That's a Keeper!

Simple, Beautiful, amazing! Let me know if you ever want to sell it!

Just ran across this bike

Just ran across this bike again. So nice!!!

the brakes are so neat!

the brakes are so neat!


a beautiful bike. did you purchase the frame from chris kvale personally? was it a ground up build by yourself?

i love it!

Yes, I bought this bike from

Yes, I bought this bike from Chris Kvale when I was in Minneapolis. It was hanging in his shop, and after finding out he didn't ride anymore, I knew SOMEONE had to ride it. The build is his, and I haven't changed a thing.

Full of it!

I sold this bike to this guy on craigslist. I was living in Minneapolis and was having my Schwinn TT painted by Kvale and saw this hanging in the front of the shop and asked him about it. he took it down and handed it to ME when I bought it from him. Not that it matters, but to make bogus statements like that is just stupid for no reason. I should have NEVER sold this bike- especially to a douche bag like this!

Goddamn that is one fine

Goddamn that is one fine steed

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