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08 Fuji Track Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | fixed gear | Fuji | hed
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Nitto handlebars. Fuji Stem

Bianchi Carbon Fork


Alex RPD15

Vero Crank



Just trying to make my bike as light as possible.
Next upgrade is a new rear wheel (Mavic Ellipse)
I want to paint it after all the upgrades.

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im going to have a fucking

im going to have a fucking seziure if i see one more bike with NDS photos.

Fuji track complete - 600
Hed 3 trispoke -400-800
TT pad -- 20
Tupac spoke card for
a race that never
happened -- PRICELESS.

Brakes on this frame

Does anyone know if you can put brakes on this frame? Most likely a front brake

you wouldn't happen to still

you wouldn't happen to still have the stock fork/be interested in selling it would you?

i bent the one on my fuji track and i wanted to get the same one so i didn't have to deal with painting a different fork to match.

US vs. JP

Gosh, the American '08 Fuji just looks so much better. Jealous :( I assume it's stock 48/17 gearing? Mine came with 48/16... how stupid is that - one(!) skid patch.

You're off to a good start.

You're off to a good start. How's that front fork treating you? Did you ride it much with the stock fork before you swithed it up? I was curious what the difference was, before and after.


tell me exactly why you decided to buy that lame ass wheel before anything else? this is embarrasing -lucas


best looking Fuji Track I have seen.

If you wanted to make your

If you wanted to make your bike as light as possible, you wouldn't be running a hed 3 or a top tube pad. Or be running flat bars.


Ok, I am not trying to be in a triathlon of anything, so I didnt mean literally make every part of the bike as light as possible. I am making the bike as light as I can, while keeping the style that I like. If I were really after weight I'd be on a totally different set up.

So is the bike a fashion

So is the bike a fashion accessory or is it a bike?


Its just what I like, of course its a bike, I use it everyday to get around town.

If you dont like my bike why take the time to comment with some stupid remark? WTF.

Whatever. Gotta love haters.

You should buy this gold

You should buy this gold chainring i have, really make that drivertrain pop.

the front wheel is worth

the front wheel is worth more then the whole bike.... nice build tho. wish i can afford a front HED

HED3's are retarded

HED3's are retarded


Yea I know the wheel is worth Got an okay deal on it though. Originally just bought the bike to ride, but kinda got into fixing it up.

feelin it

like the bike!! actually just bought one about a week ago I love it for the money it's great fun and if I destroy it I'm not worried!!!
do you bro.

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