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Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Felt
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Felt TK2

Deda Pista, Felt

Felt Airfoil, AHEADset

Alexrims laced to Felt-branded hubs

Alexrims laced to Felt-branded hubs



stock chain. I usually have a set of Ultegra SPD-SLs on there when I'm actually using this bike (it's off-season now)


My racing track bike. Used a pitiful number of times since I got it. Why's Hellyer gotta be so far away? When are we gonna build a velodrome in SF again? HMMMM? Next year I plan to use this more.

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they are planning a new one in SF soon, just got to find the real estate for it. which doesnt go cheap in SF obviously

Nice Bike!

I saw one of these in the local bike shop... and thought to myself, damn, that bike is CLEAN! I love the tubing, and for some reason, it just looks like it is FAST. That's a good thing, at the same time, it looks light as hell.

Sweet Ride man, or woman. Sweet Ride.

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