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Affinity "Marta"

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | affinity | montreal
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Affinity Marta

3t Mutant

Velocity Deep-V Antifreeze Green

Velocity Deep-V Antifreeze Green

Soma Hellyer

Selle Mundialita

The Shadow Conspiracy Chain

Rides like a charm.

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where can you get a bike

where can you get a bike like this in la??

L.A Brakeless

L.A Brakeless :

What size frame?

Dude the bike looks sweet.

I'm looking at getting this frame but don't know what size I need, I'm about 5'9" do you think I'd get away with a medium?



Dude........I have the same deep v's on my affinity!

very nice dude, sylvester is

very nice dude, sylvester is the man and im in love with the affinity frame

how is the sizing?

im like 5'8. u think i can fit the meduim? cuz i dont what toe over lap

Hmmm, not sure about that.

Hmmm, not sure about that. Top tube might be a tad too long for you. You have long arms ? ;-P

I think it would be better to either try a small and a medium frame and see wich one feels better for you or email the Affinity guys in Brooklyn.

how is the sizing?

im like 5'8. u think i can fit the meduim? cuz i dont what toe over lap


Beautiful bike!!!!!
hey just one have a 700c in front, Im trying to do that with my pursiut frame, how does it feel...???

SWEET RIDE...!!!!!

Feels real good. I can't

Feels real good. I can't really tell if it's because of the 700c in front or the super straight fork (maybe both)but it feels REALLY stiff but that's how I like my ride.

Beautiful geometry, i didn't

Beautiful geometry, i didn't even know about Affinity until i saw this. I looked them up, do they only sell these in their Brooklyn shop? I'd love to get my hands on one!

I'm kinda far off in Toronto though

Beautiful Indeed

I got mine at Brakeless in Montreal (
Sylvester, the owner, is ordering them straight from the Brooklyn shop.

Maybe there's a bike shop near you that got some.
You should contact the Affinity guys and ask them about Toronto dealers or shipping infos.

As far as sizing, I think they only make small, medium and large. (not 100% sure) Mine is medium. I normally ride 55 (I'm 5'11")and medium is a perfect fit.

I love mine. Really stiff ride. You feel everything on the pavement, the cracks, the little rocks, even the damn dust. It's unreal.

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