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bianchi pista concept

Bike tags: Track bike | 2004 | 51cm | Bianchi | Bianchi Pista Concept | more tags >>
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2004 Bianchi Pista Concept

deda pista elementi

concept, canecreek



sugino 75, zen ring, 75 bb

miche supertype

wellgo, errebi sprint, izumi


is your frame for sale?

is your frame for sale?

Are you jason?

Are you jason?


what happened to your black sugino 75s?

sold them

I sold them because they were 170mm, and wanted another set but I ended up hooked up on silver ones in 165mm... what have you been up to? lets ride sometime.

yeah man im down. next week

yeah man im down. next week is bike to school day. 22nd. my chainline is fucked up though until i can get my hands on a 68x103mm bb.


how long is it?


ure bike looks alot like Dirt's from MASH. except his is the renowned bianchi celeste color and he rides a spinergy rev-X in the front. but still, thats on ill bike. mad props. haha i kno toaster_cake i should with u guys.


sup sexy lol

i gotta say this is my

i gotta say this is my favorite bike here, i lvie in sf we should ride sometime!

much appreciated

thanks man i appreciate it, i actually need to get some new photos on the site... its changed a little bit since i took those pics. but yea, im actually staying in sf right now, im always in the sunset. let me know if you down to ride whenever.

o really? im also in the

o really? im also in the sunset whereabouts are you located?

richmond actually but...

im right out of the park actually on 26th and fulton, always on irving or riding towards sfstate. what about you?

oo im along noreiga and

oo im along noreiga and 28th, but i ride around irving sometimes


ever wanna sell that frame, hit me up!!!!

Im Jealous...

Whattup bro! The new bike looks good. How've you been? You should try to come down for one of our rides here in SJ. Every Tuesday. Check us out man.

thanks man, its almost done

thanks man, its almost done haha. ive beeen good, just chillin, riding a lot. yea, let me know about them i down.

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