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Venus de Vivalo (fashion well over function..yeh those are risers - it looks Nice).

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Nitto 90

Deep V, Suzue Pro-Max SB

Deep V, Suzue Pro Max SB



i love this my friend has that exact frame.. pink looks so cool

your bike is



i saw u riding through the gum drop forest

stupidly nice bike.... shame

stupidly nice bike.... shame the guy that rides it is such a pussy ;-)

did turn out to be a bone breaker

may phils pelvis rest in pieces

did turn out to be a bone breaker

may phils pelvis rest in pieces

if i had a second bike...this would be it.

wow...i'm in love.
great job is an understatement ;)

Ya know...

I agree, it would look killer with some pink Grand Comps. Looks nice with the riser bars and drop stem, too.


I've got no issues with color matched parts, or the irony of a drop stem and riser bars. whatever works, and whatever you like, as long as you are riding it and having a good time. Sweet looking bike. If I had that frame I'd probably take the same inspiration from the colors in the logo and do the same damn thing, but hey, don't look at my bike...

you actually have a pretty

you actually have a pretty nice bike too

Excuse me...

May I interupt the banter, which is hilarious by the way, and ask where you might have got your saddle in that color?

I got it...

...on ebay a few months ago. They pop up now and again. Ain't cheap though, but you know, what is when you want it baaaaaad?


nah, white gran compe's all the way!

i added you to my cluster

nice ride...

fashion over function rules!
i too have downward stem with riser.

btw, one thing is missing...
pink gran compe ss tires

I like...

...the 'ahem' subtlety of black tyres ;P


nice style fella........ recreational or do you ride it for work !?!?

At the moment...

...both. I'm gonna turn my Harry Quinn into a road bike at some point, but 2 fixed wheels is bliss for the time being.

I lol'd at people that cry

I lol'd at people that cry because people wants good looking bikes... you guys are fucking homo.

as soon as someone as a nice bike people say oh tarck bike.. go get jealous some where else.

btw you made a sick ass job on that bike!

happy ride!

i aint crying. i love me

i aint crying. i love me some good looking bikes. make them look good, color cordinated, aerospokes, hed 3's, deep v's, whatever it takes to make a bike look good i think its sick. tarck bikes are sick. and i am jealous. i want a freakin NJS bike bike but im stuck with a pista, big deal. i would say your bike is a peice of shit but you clearly havnt posted a bike yet so i cant. have a nice day.

dont worry when i will post

dont worry when i will post my bike, you will wet your pants, still waiting on some pieces to make this tarck bike done.



I sure HOPE so!

good, i hope it has a pink

good, i hope it has a pink errospokez, dick

Thanks man...

...nothing wrong with beautiful things eh?

Why do you

have a stem with a downward angle and then risers?

Why didn't you get a straight out stem with flats?

Why do you...

...worry about someone else's bike?

If your so worried about

it looking good, that just looks awkward.

Looking awkward...

...and feeling comfortable are two different things, and I'm with the latter in this scenario.

It's just my bag baby.

fashion over

fashion over function


why is that a bad thing?

Do you not have better things to do with your keyboard and fingers?

who said it was a bad thing?

who said it was a bad thing? fashion over function is the reason tarckbikes exist. and i think your bike is sweet. i was just responding to the other persons comment.

...waves white flag...

...sweet dude, just sounded like a jibe.

naw man, its a sick bike.

naw man, its a sick bike. it was no jibe. i like the title change too. its funny.

its just not my day, too

its just not my day, too many double posts

Brrrrap Brrrrap

rude bike you twot


...up yourself dude.

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