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Bianchi 80s (?) Lugged Steel, model Unknown!

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steel frame... I think mid 80s but I do not know.. need help on this!


original steel



campy.. dont know specifics



campy.. dont know specifics

Just bought at LBS. Made in Italy. Very smooth ride, love it already, but want to know what I have here... The only serial-like-numbers i can find on it are on the frame by seatpost: E3 and 261. Can someone help me out with what type of Bianchi I have here? Maybe someone can estimate the year?

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That is almost identical to

That is almost identical to my Bianchi Nuova Racing except mine is white. Dérailleurs should be Campagnolo Nuovo. So, I would say you have a 1983ish Nuova Racing.

just bought the same frame

just bought the same frameset off ebay with 3ttt stem, bars, seat/post and ofmega bb. gipiemme drops with the same stamping on seat stays and fork crown as yours. i would love to identify it and will post serial + shots once i get it.

Did you by chance find out

Did you by chance find out which frame it was? Im buying the exact same bike from my uncle. Its been in his attic since the 80s. I got lucky on this one. Thanks man and great bike

Serial number/date code

FWIW, there seems to be a couple of general formulas for '80s dates in Italian-built Bianchi serial numbers:

Formula 1: serial number (on seat clamp lug or bottom bracket)
(from a couple of guys on who are compiling such numbers)

(letter)(x) (xxxx)

In this formula, the first 'x' after the initial letter is the last number in the date year. By this formula, the serial number E3 261 translates to a 1983 frame.

Formula 2: serial number (on seat clamp lug or bottom bracket)
(from Bianchi Forums (login required)

(letter)(letter) (xxxx)

In this formula, the initial letter is a rotating code, with letters matching years:

Y/1982, Z/1983, A/1984 etc.

The posted serial number appears to match the first code, not the second. However, if the second code was the one that applied, the date would be E=1988. If the components are original, that would be a way of sleuthing it out. It looks like the brake and shifters (the only components I can sorta see) are Campagnolo Nuevo Record/Super Record, which was replaced by the visually different C-Record era of componentry around 1985-86, so it's more likely to be 1983 than 1988.

Unfortunately, since Bianchi doesn't make much effort to broadcast their historical info, and the Bianchi fanboys aren't out publishing all their catalog stashes, this is pretty much all guesswork. Two sites I've found in an effort to track down the model of my own late-'80s Bianchi frame are here:

Japanese/European catalogs:1913-2008 (teeny-tiny scans; hard to read any actual words)

US catalogs: 1981-1986

Two other decals that are important clues are both on the seat tube: the Piaggio decal (Piaggio was a company that owned both Bianchi and the Vespa moped/scooter company 1980-84) and the white/silver label near the bottom bracket, which I'm guessing describes the steel brand/type.

I hope this helps!


my buddy has this bike too. i dont know much about it, but its sick none the less.

what you have

is a nice bike,ride the shit out of it!they have one of these at my LBS but it's to small for me(bummer)I will see what I can find out.

I think i have the exact

I think i have the exact same bike. The rims are excellent Mavic Module E's. The hubs are generic, maybe made by bianchi, or perhaps ofmega. The derailleurs are Campy Gran Sport (or nuevo gran sport). The white handlebar wrap is how they were sold new.

Anyway.. i've asked Bianchi for a date on my bike with no avail. But you are right about mid-80s. I bought it form the previous owner and he said 1986.

i also have the same bike.

i also have the same bike. same color. it's gotta Richey front wheel.. Mavic flip flop on the back.. Fuji seat. i bought it for 350 from a guy in denver.. he didn't know the model.. he just said bianchi and 1985.. sooo.. if anyone knows that'd be awesome.

i got pics on


It's a Bianchi Super Leggra.

Solid bike.

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