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a.spl !'s "vigorelli"

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08 Cinelli Vigorelli

Nitto RB-021, Thomson Elite, Oury Grips, Cinelli Cork Tape

Cinelli Carbon Fiber, FSA Integrated Headset

HED3 Front Wheel, Continental Gatorskin

Mavic Ellipse, Vittoria Randonneur

Miche Primato Advanced, Campagnolo Record

Fizik Arione, Thompson Elite

MKS Sylvan Track/MKS Toe Clips/Toshi Double Straps/Toshi Buttons, KMC K710SL Chain

Miche Primato Advanced 46t Chainring, EAI Deluxe 17t, Campagnolo Lockring


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Hei, what size of BB that

Hei, what size of BB that you use? the chainline is driving me crazy.

i heard aaron has a specialized

i heard rumors that your hed 3 is really a specialized tri-spoke :scared:

LOL, how is it going holmes?

don't you dare change that

don't you dare change that clearance!
keep that shit tiiiight!

track bikes aren't sofas you take out for a stroll!
(bad analogy? hahaha)

anyways, DIGGIN' the Cinelli.
let's ride sometime, yeah?


son change out those arms for some shorter 165s...what you runnin now?

there already 165s...

there already 165s...


That clearance is ridiculous, I would switch that out, thats too nice of a frame to have something like that possibly fuck up the chain stay.


My Concept had Clearance issues like that...I figured Id try it out. After riding hard the first time after it was built, I noticed my crank arm was hitting my chainstay (due to flexing of the arm when pedaling). I didnt like it at all because of that and ended up going with a Phil 115 SS BB - Fixed the clearance, Chainline is straight now and the clearance is still tight, but enough to where it wont hit the chainstay. Those Miche Arms arent that stiff are they? Thats a REALLY tight fit...wouldnt want to ruin that Vigorelli from something like that. By the way, I was running Campy Cranks and Campy BB. NICE WHIP!!!

when i first installed the

when i first installed the bb and cranks the spider arms rubbed on the drive side chainstay and the non drive side was fine. i installed a 1.5mm bb spacer to the drive side which fixed my spider arms rubbing and gave me a better chainline of 42.5mm but at the same time it made my non drive side cranks arms rub under heavy riding. so i jus grinded down the left crank arm and repolished it.

Problems FIXED. =O)


I am surprised that the crank arms come that close. I suppose that when each crank arm is back in that position, the bb is flexed the opposite way.

I have some sugino 75's that

I have some sugino 75's that I can't use on all my bikes because the back of the crank bolts and spider arms will rub the chainstay

Longer Bottom Brakcet Spindle!


You are...

officially a baller in my book sir. I got to ride matt's vigo, it was ridiculous, so smooth! I really like the tight clearance. By the way, how do you like those cranks?

doode i love em ! thanks for

doode i love em ! thanks for the reccomendation. i couldnt even notice the difference between those and 75s.

how does it feel

how does it feel to have the same bike as kanye west

how does it feel

hahahaha , for real i can see kayne riding that. On one level i think, "damn that is a nice ride " but i know if any of my friends ever saw me on it they would straight smack me. not hating, but you gotta be pretty confident to pull that off

actually, kanye west realy

actually, kanye west realy bought that frame. just for your interrest

i could care less if kanye

i could care less if kanye has it cause im pretty 95% sure he doesnt ride it. he also has a bmw but you dont see me wanting to buy one, cause imo there fugly.

but i pretty much downsized from two bikes(the pista and a ftp) to one. so why not make it a nice one. i actually liked the way the aluminum rode but i liked the sizing of my pista. and with the vigorelli i got the best of both worlds.

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