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Double fixed ROMANI

Bike tags: Fixed gear | double chain | fixie
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ROMANI, Columbus Aelle tubes, late '80s, I guess

Bars: cheapest I could find (Zoom?); Stem: Belleri

Fork: same as frame; Headset: Campagnolo Athena

Hub: Surly track hub; Rim: Rigida Chrina; Spokes: DT Swiss Competition

Hub: Surly track hub fix/fix; Rim: Rigida Chrina; Spokes: DT Swiss Competition

2 x Crankset: Messingschlager; Bottom bracket: Kinex Alu

Saddle: Brooks Team Professional; Seat Post: Campagnolo Chorus (I love it!!)

Pedals: no idea...; 2 x Chain: KMC INOX S10

2 x Cog: Surly Track Cog, 16T; Gearing: 42/16

I am pretty sure not being the first, building a double fixed gear bike, but actually I have never seen one before. So here's mine for you. Hope you enjoy it!
If you're interested in more pictures or details of the build, just ask for it.
P.S. No, it has no technical advantage, it's just very eye-catching!! : )

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does this actually affect

does this actually affect your riding in any way or is it just funny to look at?

didn't note

no, i didn't note any serious difference yet. except i have to roll up both sides of my trousers... ; )

Funny thing

I was wondering about this earlier today. nifty.

this is stupid

this is stupid

when u skid???

what do u do skid with both feet how does that work

it would be the same thing

it would be the same thing as regular. the cranks are still in the same position as they are in a regular fixed gear setup.

absolutely right,

nothing different from a "normal" skid.

A couple of my friends

have double fixed track bikes (also, just for fun). I've ALWAYS wondered what would happen if you ran a different gear ratio on each side, but still maintaining the same amount of gear inches??


i don't think this would work.
the ratio is an index, how often the wheel rotates by one complete turn of the crank. so if you have a different ratio, it would block, wouldn't it?
what leads me to a new idea: if you you find the exact same ratio providing the exact same distance of crank and hub (is that what you mean with gear inches?), you could use two different sizes of chainring and cog!
so please give it a try and tell me if it works! : )

It wouldnt work.

The crank arms would need to rotate at the same rate of speed, but please try it, hopefully you can prove me wrong.

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