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Broken Frame

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Bianchi | Deep V | lavendar
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Velocity Deep V, Electric Blue

Got this frame already rattle can painted, so I sanded it down and re painted it only to later find the seat post was stuck and I cracked the frame trying to free it up.


how did you crack the frame

how did you crack the frame exactly?

yeah thats a shame lovely

yeah thats a shame lovely paint job on the frame tho

hang that bitch up on the wall
or ride it anyway till it falls apart :-P

Ammonia might have saved it!

It's a trick I got from the late Sheldon Brown's website. If alloy parts (like a seat post, stem, or crank) are stuck to steel, ordinary ammonia, for cleaning, will unstick them amazingly fast. Just drip some on and let it work a few seconds. Might take a little longer to work its way down the seat post.

Really a shame, you did a beautiful job of painting.

oh! I knew should have

oh! I knew should have WWSD'd! Thanks for the heads up though as I'll continue dumpster diving for frames..

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