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IRO Jamie Roy

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IRO Jamie Roy

Titec Hellbent bars and titec -17 degree stem

IRO Jamie Roy fork, FSA Orbit Headset

IRO 32 spoke wheel, all black

130mm IRO fixed/fixed flip-flop, all black

black IRO 170mm cranks, IRO BB

some random WTB saddle from my parts bin, and a black IRO seat post

Basic MKS pedals with some no-name cages, White KMC Z chain

46t IRO chainring, 15t and 18t EAI cogs, RL tensioners, custom headbadge

My ass

A while after that main picture was taken, i decided to disc my rear wheel instead of the front. It was great for a few weeks, way less effect from the wind until I started shooting off records when i hit pot holes, or skidded abruptly... it was actually pretty cool. Back to the drawing board.

Took the bike to burning man, every bearing now needs to be overhauled, but it seems happy. swapped the chain and cleaned it for a week straight. Met a few fixed riders out there too.

picture 5 is the most recent; back-up wheel set with knobby kenda tire in the back, wireless cateye computer (only one i could find with backlight), shortest wheel base that i think i've ever run on this bike; fun bike.

be sure to check out my other bikes here on velospace (yep, number 511 on velo!) black and red custom painted conversion grey and black fuji track

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Ah shit you took this to

Ah shit you took this to burning man I give you props. How often did you ride it around while you where there for the week?

i brought the bike last

i brought the bike last year, but not this year, and rode it a fair amount during the week. there was a fixie meet up where the organizers didn't show so a few of us just went for a ride. with a fat kenda rear tire it was a beast in the dust.


trying to hunt down a jamie roy frameset (any ideas?)...

what size is this/ how tall are you? im 5'9 thinking that i should try and nab a 56?

yea, i'd say that would be a

yea, i'd say that would be a pretty good fit. i'm 6' and my 56cm is a touch too small; hence the longer stem.

what size stem are you using

what size stem are you using with the fork? is it 1 1/8?

yea, its a 1 1/8, and i

yea, its a 1 1/8, and i think its 150mm if i remember correctly

i was looking for that stem

i was looking for that stem but they only come in 1 inch?

its definitely 1 1/8"

its definitely 1 1/8"

The front wheel

only rotates at 33-1/3rd?

Is this bike steel or

Is this bike steel or aluminum?




Great bike, great photos. Im in love.

bike matches the sculpture

bike matches the sculpture

Awesome pictures!

Those pics are so nice especially the one taken at SOCSCI 1100!! Can't wait to see your bike around campus!

great pictures

tony would sell a ton of bikes if he used pictures like these to advertize. not that he doesn't sell a ton already...


Those were just some random shots i took in the area within the first few hours of getting the bike back after a headset install... i could do better

too fast!

pretty bike! pretty bike. . . prrrrreeeeeetty biiiiiiike..

In other news, looks great, glad those slackers at Ken's finally deigned your bike worthy of returning to you.


11 days to install a headset? i was done with them man...

Great photo, the white

Great photo, the white really pops

the silhouette? thanks, i

the silhouette? thanks, i took it in a local parking garage, placing the bike in front of a huge pannel of frosted glass

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