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Samson Elaborate

Bike tags: Track bike
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The paint is way cooler in person, the camera doesn't really capture it.

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hottest bike EVAR

hottest bike EVAR



if you ever want to sell

ill make a deal


those tires make it look like it has a wider wheelbase.

golden gate bridge

siq bycke d00d


Awesome build dude, wish i had enough money to afford one of these NJS beauties. Just finished my first build.


dont know you but you are an asshole. i wish i could be an asshole like you. that is one pretty samson.


shit god damn. Baller.

your bike

for what i can see, the color is fresh... good color way!

She's a beauty

Holla if ya catch me rollin in the city...



How much for the frame? It's hot.

If you are looking for stuff

If you are looking for stuff to buy check out the marketplace. You will have better luck there than posting on random bikes!


Were did you get those Peddels and straps at?


I've never seen a samson with that logo before.

nice details !

nice details !


this is one of the most stylishly beautiful bikes i have seen. you must get nothing but stares when on the street. congrats.

that thing is so niceeeeee!

that thing is so niceeeeee!

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