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Rack and Panniers for under 0.00

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For a while I have been looking for some inexpensive racks that were sleek and understated. The ones that I have come up with though have all been for around 0.00. So, I decided to go a differnt route and purchased a wald rack form my LBS for and some change. As soon as I got it home though I decided to introduce it to my beloved dremel. These are the results.

The pannier bags are a set of Willie and Max bags that are made for motorcycles. They retail for about 0.00 (I have seen online) but I was lucky enough to score mine for .00 locally. I wish they were a bit smaller and lighter but they work. I have a few creative ideas on how to better mount the bags to the rack but for now they are mounted with a set of spring lock hooks.

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incredibly well done build.

incredibly well done build. nice one!

I agree

With totally has the look of one of those old board tracker motorcycles. Absolutely beautiful! Did you bob the fenders yourself, or does someone sell them like that? are they functional in that size?

great build.

They're "shortie" fenders

A lot of English fender companies used to do them; Bluemels in particular. You can often find them on eBay for pretty cheap. Wald still makes them; the Wald #80 splashguard is sized for 700c/27" in chrome, and the 90/90BL is sized for 20-26" in chrome or black powdercoat.

I rode mini-fenders on my Raleigh for about six months, and I found they regularly loosened up and scraped against the tires. Drove me nuts. I finally ripped them off; I'm going to replace them with full fenders that fix at multiple points. The mini-fenders didn't cut down on the splash enough to make a difference, anyway.


Simply stunning.


Captivating ride that draws me in to click on it every time it pops up. One of those beast's that's fun to stare at, just admiring all. Nice job, enough so to make me want to make something similar, albeit a much larger frame, unfortunately. That small size adds to the beauty.

same , every time i see it i

same , every time i see it i stop and stare
makes me think of path racers

This is by far the most

This is by far the most beauteous assembled bicycle I have ever seen.
Would you possible be so kind as to swank with the brand names of your hardware.

Wicked messenger.

Thanks!the parts list is as

the parts list is as follows:
- Raleigh Capri Frame (25.00)
- Raleigh Heron Head Cottered Cranks (12.00)
- SR Stem (.00)
- Velocity Deep V with Formula Flip Flop Hubs (aprox 225.00)
- Butchered Brooks B17 Narrow (approx 60.00)
- Kenda 700x32 Tires
- Unknown Seatpost
- Mafac Racer Brakes
- Mafac Mini Rack (front)
- Modified Wald Rear Rack (13.00)
- Willie and Max Panniers (60.00)
- Unknown Break cable Clamps (5.00)
- Aluminum Frame Pump (6.00)
- Forte Inline Brake Levers (26.00)
- Lauterwasser Bars (I think I got them for 125.00 a while back. Hard to find but I think they make the bike)

Lauterwasser bar! I would

Lauterwasser bar!

I would like to invite you proforma to visit the bicycle film fest stop in Vienna, Austria, from the 9th to the 12th of october.
I would love to see this bicycle in truth.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your list to us.

So classy

Thanks for sharing this.


You could show up in a tuxedo on that bike and not look out of place. Well done.




Where do people get the inspiration for these beautiful creatures. Agree with previous note, this bike could take you anywhere.... wouldn't look out of place on Oscars Night!

Inspirational source...

Classic "English racers" or path racers ... vintage Raleighs, BSA, Humber, FH Grubb, Sunbeam, etc... specifically lightweight stuff from the 30's and 40's. In the late 40's and thru the 50's you get the more modern but still sexy Clubmans, Lentons, Beestons, etc.

Flickr is a good place to start, there are a few collectors on there who also happen to be sharp photogs as well.

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