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Cannondale SR500 Team Crest

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1988 Cannondale SR500 Team Crest - Reynolds Aluminum

Modolo Anatomic // Nitto Young

Tange // Shimano 105

Spinergry Spox

Spinergy Spox

SRAM Force 175.2 mm // GXP outboard bottom bracket

Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow // FSA SLK K-force

Time RXS clipless // SRAM OG-1070

SRAM OG-1070 // 53 x 39

Great bike to ride, fast, stiff, and responsive. Gives a good kick in sprints.

Fighting cavities one pedal stroke at a time.

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Front end impact?? Fork

Front end impact??

Fork looks a bit bent...

this is the one cannondale

this is the one cannondale ive seen that i actually like (their tubes are a little too thick for my aesthetic pleasure haha)


10spd in the rear? brother has the exact same frame, wants to throw sram on it.

If the frame was 8/9 speed

If the frame was 8/9 speed originally, it will work

Incredible bike you have

Incredible bike you have there friend. Superb paint job!!!

if you ever...ever!!! sell

if you ever...ever!!! sell your Crest SR500....hit me up first. I been trying for 2 years now trying to find one in a 53-54cm

you might be in luck at some

you might be in luck at some point. i'm planning on selling this when i get the funds for a carbon frame, this one is currently too small for me

DIBS! Whats the size for the

DIBS! Whats the size for the SR500? I mean ill just take the frame =)

its 53 cm, measured c-t-c,

its 53 cm, measured c-t-c, or 54 cm when measured c-t-t. i'd be selling the frameset, so no worries.

most excellent!!

most excellent!!

I've got second dibs if you

I've got second dibs if you haven't already sold it

How is the back end of this

How is the back end of this bike holding up to the wider rear hub? I've been thinking about upgrading a Black Lightning to 9 or 10 speed but was worried about stretching the stays apart.


It's working fine for me. the seatstays were actually farther apart than the old 126mm spaced wheel, so it only spread about 1mm when i finally put the new wheel on. it should be fine, its only 4mms, and aluminum will flex, just don't coldset it, that will apply too much force and could compromise the frame.

How is the back end of this

How is the back end of this bike holding up to the wider rear hub? I've been thinking about upgrading a Black Lightning to 9 or 10 speed but was worried about stretching the stays apart.

Me Too

I have this same bike. I still have all, 100%, of the original components, Blue bars, Blue seat, and white powdered coated crank arms, etc.
In 99% like new condition
I could be convinced to sell it if someone was to make me a reasonable offer.

Photos Posted

Just posted a few pix of my team bike

i never knew they came with

i never knew they came with white crank arms, i don't think they did. i never read about that, maybe it was something special. are you the original owner? regarding selling, you should post pictures so anybody who's interested can take a look before buying. also i'd like to see it myself.

Yup! White is original

I just found this site tonight because I was looking to see if there was anyone with a bike like this and Yahoo led me here.
I will get the bike down, clean it up and take some pictures to post.

I will have to get it out of the rafters in the Garage. I just went out and verified it has the white cranks. The neck has something like Neiko (not positive, it is dark out there) it is blue. The bars are wrapped in a color matched blue tape. The power train is Shimano 105.
I am the second owner, the original owner is deceased.
I have never ridden the bike other than around the block a few times. It has been in my possession since 1993 and it has always been stored in Southern California. I got it as an investment because I love Cannondale bikes and this one was the most unusual I had ever seen. I was told that it was the limited production version of the bikes Cannondale built for the 1988 US Olympic Bicycling team. Sponsors decals include Tang, Reynolds Aluminum, and of course Crest.

I have no idea what it is worth today, I paid 0 for it in '93

thats sounds pretty much the

thats sounds pretty much the same as mine. they came with full 105, blue nitto stem, vetta seat and handle bar rap. and you heard correct about the history and its use. there were about 300 made for the floor models, which is what i have, and what you most likely have. i got mine for about 400, so i'd say around there, but probably more due to condition and originality.


Are superb and always will be. Great that its in its original form and that you have not dome what seems like everyone else does here, that is make it fixed or single speed.

Great build. Love it.




yeah i really love it. although i won't be keeping it completely original, i'll be upgrading to 07/08 campy centaur and stripping it of its vitange 105. i feel kinda bad, but the modern components will be a lot nicer i think. i already have the brakes and they're great.

don't worry though, i won't be getting rid of it anytime soon, nor will it be converted to fixed.

Damn....I can see why you're

Damn....I can see why you're hating. You find that thing at a yard sale or something?

seriously? thats your best

seriously? thats your best insult? thanks for wasting my time. at least i have a bike built up with quality parts and i'm not wasting a good track frame just so i can look cool and do some whip skids.

Just give him...

the 'brush off'...

Fighting Cavities

When the Cannondale Team Crest was sold in New Zealand, they came with a free tube of Crest toothpaste. Another classic 80's paint scheme.

haha thats pretty

haha thats pretty funny.
80's themes are great though, i really like the paint job on this bike.

It's always blown my mind

It's always blown my mind that Cannondale "we're so subtle" Bicycles made this paint job.

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