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Mercian Pista

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Mercian Pista

Cinelli 67, Cinelli 2A

Mercian, Campagnolo NR

Campagnolo NR hub, Sun rim

Campagnolo NR hub, Sun rim

Campagnolo SR, Suntour

Brooks Swift, Campagnolo Record Aero

MKS Sylvan, KMC

17t cog, 46t campagnolo 3/32 chainring


A truly beautiful bike. It makes this site still worth looking at! Thank you for sharing.

new or an older frameset.....

since they do make custom order at the moment. still beautiful new or vintage.

thank you!

'76 vintage frame & fork according to previous owner.

Have Mercy!

A simple beautiful classic Pista, with only the craftsmanship and expertise of the framebuilder to speak volumes to a new world full of colour-coordinated merde owned. Your lovely Mercian caused me to fall into a moment of deep spiritual introspection...until I came upon that one photo of a blurred image almost marring an otherwise perfect picture. I would have that blurred image removed, and return your Mercian gallery to a state of utter grace. Otherwise, you have my respect and admiration.

the blurred image

the blurred image is actually me, the owner of the bike. it's in there as a joke, hope that's ok.

No offence...

Classic Cinelli drop bars are no joking matter. Besides, it's futile to try to compete with such a beautiful piece of beautiful Italian artistry. If you do not edit or reshoot that photo, I will to demand you remove said bars from said bike and send the Cinelli handlebar in question to me. Better yet, keep the bar on the bike and send me the bike. I'll see to it that a candle be lit at St. Pat's for your soul.
Still a beautiful bike.

I hope you're kidding,

I hope you're kidding, because if your serious, you take yourself too seriously. Even if you don't know how to spell "offense."

In Canada...

and other parts of the old Commonwealth we spell it 'offence'. Not all words are spelt the same on both sides of the border. And of course I'm kidding about most of the comment. By the way, splitneedls, it's 'if you're/you are serious', not 'if your serious'--unless of course that's the American spelling. I hope that wasn't too serious. Enjoy the ride.

i will enjoy the ride. i

i will enjoy the ride. i love you.

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