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Greg Lemond 63 cm

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Greg Lemond 63cm

mountain riser bars, 3t stem

mavic headset

velocity deep v

velocity deep v

Suntour crankset and shimano BB

WTB saddle

KMC chain

Surly cog, 49/17 gearing

This is a Greg Lemond bike that was made before Trek came into the picture. I have never seen another one like it before. Its from the early 90s and originally came with campy components and it is made out of columbus steel.

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Another Similar LeMond

He may not have been a doper...

although we don't really know that, but he sure IS an envious, whiny loser for making those unfounded accusations against Armstrong--couldn't stand being dethroned as the American TdF champ...what an ass.

Haha--Eat It Lance Fanbois!

Pwn3d. So have you thrown away all your yellow bracelets, genius? 8D

I believe...

the steroids are stashed in the seat tube.

LeMond wasn't a doper.

That's widely acknowledged.

Anyway, what you have isn't an actual team bike, just an early bike from the Greg LeMond Bicycles company that would have been sold in stores. The Tour de France logo on the seattube is to celebrate his wins in 1986, '89 and '90 (though that bike may pre-date his 1990 win).

If the serial number has DS in it, then it was made by Roland Della Santa, one of the most prominent bike builders in the country. If not, then it was made in Italy by the Billato Brothers, who were a prominent third-party bicycle builder, and imported to America and painted by Ten Speed Drive Imports on behalf of Greg and his dad.

Also, Trek never bought out LeMond, they just has a licensing agreement.


Thanks for the information. I have never been able to find out anything about that bike. It does have the Tour de France logo on the seat tube with his three wins on it and there is no DS in the serial number. Do you know where I can find more information on this bike and about Greg Lemond?


There is a ton of information about Greg LeMond out there, like three or four different books including an autobiography (I think, I'm not bothering to check on Amazon). Just Google him and you'll find lots of stuff about Greg. He's one of the greatest cyclists of all time, without a doubt.

As for information about this bike, I don't think there's much out there. The Greg LeMond company only existed for a few years, and I don't think they put out many bikes. I have a Greg LeMond track bike, and I wrote a little blurb about it on my Velospace page, but it's basically the same stuff I just wrote.

If you Google a few key terms like "bilatto brothers" and "vintage greg lemond," you'll find more of the same information. Or maybe something new has popped up since I last looked!

Anyway, it's a great handmade Italian bike, and you should be proud to own it.


did you find the 'roids? hahaha

Team Lemond Bikes

I have a 1987 vintage Team Lemond bike...yellow...made at that time by Carnielli....there is a story behind it as Lemond was in the shop that day...he personally took time to measure me and fit the bike...and he autographed it...

I would like to receive input as to a value...FRAME ONLY.... as I am looking to sell it...

email me at [email protected]

BTW, anyone who thinks that cycling, since the early/mid 1990's, is clean, in the modern sense, is sniffing tubular glue...

The fall or Russia and the Berlin Wall let all of those marvelous Eastern European doctors loose on the sporting world...lots of athletes took the needle....especially if you dominate...


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