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Pinarello Montello 1985, C-Record panto.

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Columbus SLX; Campa. Dropouts; 1st gen. Montello without pump peg and without braze-on for bottle-holder (only threaded holes) / 58 cm c-t / 1985

Handelbar: 3TTT, Giomondi form; Stem: chromed Cinelli 1R Pinarello panto.

Fork: frame matching Columbus fork (serial no. stamped); Headset: C-Record

Hub: low flange C-Record (100mm), Rim: Campangolo Omega V (silver clincher)

Hub low flange C-Record (126mm), Rim: Campangolo Omega V (silver clincher)

Crankset: 1st gen. C-Record with Pinarello panto chainring; B.B: C-Record

Saddle: Selle San Marco Regal Girradi, snake skin / Seat Post: chromed C-Record Pinarello panto.

Pedals: Campagnolo C-Record 1st. gen. with Pinarello stamped toe strips / Chain: Regina CX-S

Shifters:1st gen. C-Record Pinarello panto shifters / Derailers: 1st gen. C-Record (rear deraileur update 10/07/09 - 5th pic.)

Brakes: Campagnolo Cobalto / Brake Levers: 1st gen. C-Record Levers (Update 09/21/09 - not pictured!)

freewheel: Campagnolo 7 Speed (12 x 13 x 14 x 15 x 16 x 17 x 18) (Update 05/02/15- not pictured!)

Alexi Grewal won at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles on a Montello...
One of the best frames of the 1980's as shown by wins at the 1984 Olympic Road Race, Vuelta di Spagna, the Giro d’Italia and various stages of the Tour de France.

...what should I say? - The bike is completely restored.
New paint in Pinarello "Bordeaux", decals bought on eBay, fork is rechromed
and some parts are chromed (Stem and Seat Post). is like I always thought it might be!

Compare ref.:

In picture four you can see the ultra rare 1st gen. C-Record Delta Brake with
engraved logo which was phased out by Campagnolo caused by some technical
problems. Please compare with the Pinarello Cat. 1985 - Picture of the bike where these brakes are pictured.

Additional Pictures: ...on flickr

Update 07/03/08:
...right now I am mounting the 1st gen c-record pinarello panto shifters
I bought this week....
... on the 3rd the shifters are pictured.

Update 07/31/08:
Substituted Millard freewheel with Regina CX-S freewheel...

Update 10/15/08:
Added Pinarello toe strips...

Update 10/28/08:
Added ALMARC leather bar wrap in white

Update 12/12/08:
I found the last missing panto part, the panto chainring. Fortunately I found on eBay a well preserved 1st gen. C-Record Crankset with the panto chainring. I hope to receive the crankset soon.

Update 01/02/09:
Substituted the chromed crankset with the 1st. gen. C-Record Pinarello Panto Crankset (5th. picture).

Update 09/21/09:
Today I found a pair of 1st. gen. C-Record brake levers with original 1st gen. hoods. (not pictured)

Update 10/07/09:
A 1st. gen. C-Record Rear Derailer with closed cage added... (5th. picture)

Update 05/02/15:
Substituted the Regina CX-S freewheel with a 7speed Campa...

Some other stuff:

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Totally sick.

Totally sick.

A delight for the eye.

Seriously a delight. Nice to see a fellow Pinerello man.



Delta Brakes

Up for sale at the moment

not a 1st gen. delta brake

these are not 1st gen. delta brakes...



This is pure bicycle poetry....what a beaty!!!!

question for you

I am putting the finishing touches to my Montello build. I was wondering if you used the proper cable housing end caps for the internal top tube cable routing for the rear brake? If so do you know where to get them or a suitable substitute? Thanks.

...suitable substitute

The matching end caps were on the frame when I bought the unrestored frame as a bike. But you can use the end caps of the rear derailleur cable which is normally used on the frame side. These can still be bought in any bike shop.

Zephyrus - ...may the lucky wind be with you!


Thanks for your reply. I will try it. I just rode the Pinarello for a long fast stretch for the first time by the lake ontario and the feeling of this frame at high speeds is incredible.
Thanks for your help!

pinarello montello

beatiful,hopefully my old montello will turn out as nice

so beautiful

so beautiful


That is what a vintage road bike should look like.


...Lookin' Ride!

the ride

Hi, how does this montello ride compared to your other Pinarello.
Just out of curiosity...

anyways, extraordinary job!

How to compare bikes with different setups?

The Setup for the Pinarello Super Record Special (SRS) I've chosen is intended for long distance rides.
Compared with my length (183 cm) and the length of my legs measured at the inner side (89 cm) the frame is large (c-t seat tube 60cm) and the stem short (105mm).
From spring until autumn I use to ride every weekend round about 250Km with this bike and sometimes with the Colnago Super.
My average speed is 27 Km/h (spring) to 31 Km/h (autumn) on a 100 Km distance. The Setup of the bike is comfortable.

Of quite a different nature is the setup of the Montello. I build the bike with the intention to achieve high speed.
I’ve chosen for my size a small frame (c-t seat tube 58,3 cm) and a long Stem (120 mm).
You can see on picture 2 that the stamped minimum insertion limit of the seat post is not completely inserted into the seat tube…
This setup supports very high pedal frequencies’.
On the plain the maximum speed is ca. 51 Km/h for 3 to 4 Km with my fastest wheel set (Mavic SSC with Campa. freewheel).
I’m round about 5 Km/h faster with this setup. But on this bike the wheelbase is shorter and relatively the centre of mass is higher than on the SRS.
The bike is quicker responding to body moves and to steering.
This setup is more strenuous\arduous and not forgiving a bad style...

It is difficult to decide which qualities are resulting by the setup and which by the frames themself…

…my judgment:
The SL Frame is stiffer, slightly heavier and more relaxed.
The SLX is quicker responding, stiff enough and faster…

just read this

I actually just read this old comment all the way through. First of all, if you are able to hold 31mph for 3-4km on that bike, then I am impressed. I thought I was a strong rider but keeping 31mph for 4km is VERY hard with these beasts. I'm 48, but push my vintage rides pretty hard. Bursts to over 30 for a mile or so when alone is not easy but keeping it at 31 for 4km is...

On the slightly smaller frame with more seatpost, I have gone this route with my De Rosa Professional and also like it for harder riding shorter distances.

On the SLX vs SL front, at the end of this, are you mainly talking the two frames or the tubesets in general? Because I always considered SLX a bit heavier though a bit stiffer than SL.

- kh

not miles per hour but kilometer per hour...

please - keep in mind that the values are mesurements in a european scale. I ride kilometer instead miles per hour...

1 Kilometer = 0,621371192 miles


Indeed...and 51kmh = 31.6mph / 4km=2.5miles

Indeed, hence the conversion on my part, taking your figure of 51kmh and converting it to miles per hour. So you are literally saying you are holding 31.6mph for up to 2.5 miles. This is some serious speed for this distance while solo (not in a pack & without wind aid) on these vintage bikes. Again, my hat is off to you for this effort if you are reaching this when needed.


do not use a car if you can avoid it... (may be impossible)


Setups and SL/SLX

I second Zephyrus on the SL/SLX difference, though I go the opposite for racing the SLX (larger) and longer rides on the SL (smaller). Just the way I prefer it, but he's dead on about the Montello. I couldn't describe it better, so I won't try. The bike's character is basically: go fast, hurt, get over it, go do it again.



Bottom Bracket for C-Record Cranks

I just got a C-reocrd Crank set and now I am looking for a compatible BB. Do you know what spindle length i need(i hear 111m)? I also hear campy changed there taper after 1993 so new campy BB won't fit. Any help would be awesome.

C-record groups

Try They have virtually everything Campag and at good prices. Geoff Burgess is part owner and he is brilliant and is alaways keen to help.
The other place is in England. Another gold mine for vintage Campag parts.



axle length for C-Record

Road or Track Double Crankset 109mm length
(SP 65; SP or SS 68; SP or SS 70 )

Road Triple Crankset 112 and / or 113mm length
(SS 68 or SS 70)

65, 68, 70 indicates the bb width of the frame in millimeter.

Never heard somthing about a chagne of the taper... sorry.

Zephyrus - ...may the lucky wind be with you!

CAMPAGNOLO-C-RECORD-B-BRACKET-SET-NOS need italian threaded cups if you want to use it with your montello


What a beauty, That crankset... sure is blinging.... Ashame u can't get hold of the delta's??? Well done, Ur best yet!!

1st gen. delta C-Record

Yes! It's a pity - but the price is 3000$
and more for break callipers intended to use and ride...(?)


Great restoration

We were waiting for this, and it's great. Great overall quality.
I hope I can get one close to this condition someday.

How many Pinarellos is that for you?

Thanks for the great pics, keeping a fine bike in play.

Awesome bike Awesome components!

Nice Bike! did you get the stem and crankset chromed or where they purchased in that condition?


Having bought the parts and removed the original surface which
had been coated by an anodic oxidation treatment by camapagnolo
and having a lot of scratches I polished the parts and had them chromed.
I finally recut and trimmed the threads.



so you removed the coat by sanding with fine grit and repolished, sanding,buffing?

chroming (III)

I removed the coat on unobtrusive scratched parts with a buffing machine.
For deep marks like they were on the stem I used very fine sand paper
(180 & 250) and polished the stem after sanding.

I let the surface untouched on NOS parts like the seat post etc…

Now the entire new chromed surface on all parts is like a mirror.

that makes sense

I would have supposed you used unicorn tears to polish the bits.

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