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2008 Bianchi Pista Concept

Nitto Tee19 Drops on Deda 26 100mm, Nitto b123aa on 110mm Cannondale TT Aero stem

Stock Bianchi Carbon Fork, Stock Cane Creek Headset

Corima Carbon 4 spoke, Continental Sprinter Gatorskin

HED 3 Track, HED Carbon Disc(Sold), Continental Gatorskin

Shimano 167.5 Dura-Ace 7710, Dura-Ace 7710 Track Octalink BB

Selle Italia Super Turbo, Dura-Ace 7410 Seat Post (sold), Black Nitto SP72 Jaguar

MKS Custom Nuevo, MKS Toe Clips, MKS Alpha Fit Straps, HKK Vertex Track Chain

Limited Production Shimano Skunk Works DURA-ACE Track Chainring 47T 1/8, Euro Asia Imports Super Star 15T, Suntour Superbe 12T

Smooth, Light (sub 15lbs.), Agile, Fast....


my ride now:

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Holy shit!

This Bike is NUTS. I love it. The wheels are BONKERS. Its a Hard look.
Yeahh Go Hard.

any way to still get that

any way to still get that chainring?

any way to still get that

any way to still get that chainring?

any way to still get that

any way to still get that chainring?

any way to still get that

any way to still get that chainring?

any way to still get that

any way to still get that chainring?


hey, check out mine n tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!

hed 3

Ryan, good seeing you teh other night at the races, question, how'd you get the lip of your hed3 black?

Mikey Woodz

Good seeing you too bro'. I

Good seeing you too bro'. I cleaned the surface with Acetone then used a Sharpie Magnum. I carefully applied it while the wheels were spinning to get it even until the rim was completely black. easy to do if you have a repair stand. the tire can stay on. no masking needed, just a steady hand. easy to correct if you make a mistake, just clean off with acetone. it's way better than paint because it's thin, applies evenly, doesn't chip, easy to touch up, and stays on. it comes off completely with acetone too.

Cool thanks,

Cool thanks,
plenty of sharpies around, just didnt know if coverage would be decent.

What up with gettin your zipps already, found a good deal on a front corima but dont wanna bite. we still need to ride sometime

Mikey Woodz

one of a kind.

Looks nice man!


where did you get that stem?

i found it at a LBS about 9

i found it at a LBS about 9 years ago. never seen it anywhere else. i find the angle to be perfect. it was used and i got it for cheap. it came from a Cannondale road/TT bike. I used it on my Cannondale Hybrid during my messenger days. it said cannondale on it so i painted it before i installed it on my Pista. you could still see the engraved logo on the bar clamp. it's old and the threads are stripped where it tightens to the steerer tube. i fixed it with longer bolts and added hex nuts. it's narrow when looking at it from the top.


Hey Ryan let me know if you still plan on selling that Corima soon?

was that photo taken at las

was that photo taken at las lomas high school?




if your ever selling one of those wheels let me know

whoaaa, the wheel combo is

whoaaa, the wheel combo is trippin me out

I saw you too

haha now I know who you are.

i was oooing and awwwing over your bike when I was riding beside your car.


like the new pic bro. yo

like the new pic bro. yo remember how i bent my fork from the crash? well i was thinking of picking this one up: what do you think? any suggestions on comparable carbon forks? holla!


well well done sexy sexy

sick bike man.

sick bike man.

WEH!!! found you bro! sick

WEH!!! found you bro! sick sick setup. wassup with hookin your boy up with some wheels though?!

still waiting on that

still waiting on that "yes-name" seat?

settled for a b17.

settled for a b17. comfortable.

now i got a Selle Italia

now i got a Selle Italia Super Turbo

nice job

im pretty sure this makes a great beater bike for the street

an excellent one. i throw

an excellent one. i throw on my Zipp 999's for my grocery getter set-up.

o btw i forgot to ask you,

o btw i forgot to ask you, hows riding tubies around the city? they hold long enough?

so far so good...

so far so good...

knock on wood

knock on wood

knock on wood

knock on wood

current road set-up, i'm

current road set-up, i'm rolling on a cheap spoked clincher for the rear and a HED 3 clincher for the front. i sold the HED Disc recently and bought a 1998 Corima Carbon Plus Track Disc Tubular to match the front Corima 4 spoke tubular. they're both set aside. i also just ordered a 2007 ZIPP 999 wheelset, YEE YEE! badass!!! and i'll be setting those aside too. i'll be selling the HED 3 soon....

pics later....

how much for the

how much for the hed?

PM sent..

PM sent..



triple post?

triple post?



OH MY.. wheels!!

sick wheel combo!!!

sold the disc. i'm now

sold the disc. i'm now going with a HED 3. pics soon...

sick bike

is the disc just for track? if you use it on the street is it fixed or are you running a suicide hub setup?

fixed. it's a track disc,

fixed. it's a track disc, not a conversion. gonna swap it out to a Hed tri spoke for street. thanks.

tubular tires

hey i just got a trispoke 650c tubular off ebay and i was wondering if u new of a good tire for the front> i need one to for city riding and need it to last and stuff u got any suggestions>?

i'm using a Continental

i'm using a Continental Sprinter Gatorskin which is supposed to be tough enough for the streets. also, i taped on my tubular instead of glue.

where do u find them?? and

where do u find them?? and are they 650

my bad, it's a 700c. i'm

my bad, it's a 700c. i'm not sure if they make 650 gatorskins. haven't really checked. ordered my tires from Ben's Cycles.

i hope this is not being

i hope this is not being ridden on the street

i just can't seem to get

i just can't seem to get myself to remove the disc, sounds awesome.

i have another set of wheels

i have another set of wheels for hardcore street use, but i'm currently using this set-up because it's fast. will also see some track time soon once i complete the bike.

Very fancy!

Fancy ride. Although your wheels set you apart, too bad there are so many concepts around now, especially that color.


i know they used the same color for 07 and 08 with slight changes. i've been eyeing this frame for a while, hard to get. some of the components i have on are hard to get too, like the Dura-Ace Chainring, HKK Vertex, and the Nitto Tee19.

Painted my Concept

They are starting to circulate around the city... I powdercoated mine white. You're killin it with the wheelset though.

i'm waiting till i come

i'm waiting till i come across a HED tri spoke for the rear or a Zipp deep aero. i was going to go spoked for durability, but i really like how light my bike feels with the carbon wheels. although, i don't want to mess up the hub from skidding all the time. i also want a set of campagnolo atlantas or shamals. we'll see, i'm going to start collecting wheels.......just like another pair of shoes

Freewheel had about 7 of

Freewheel had about 7 of them when i was there a couple days ago.

not any more

i bought the last 53....tehehe

nice! they said they won't

nice! they said they won't get anymore until two months from now. which, in actuality, means next year.

HED in the back!

Thats massive. I'm still ironing out my Concept build a bit, but I honestly prefer my C-Dale track, it's just feels perfect.

wow tat is a sick bike,

wow tat is a sick bike, whered u get tat corima?? btw i noe fixie-a-palooza and we should totally ride this week



favorite concept

sick!!!...wish i still lived in s.f.

That sir...

is one ballin' ass bike.

k kew

ill message u thursday




ya dude i get out of school thursday of next week so we might be able to ride like friday of sometin. ill message u
u live in sunset?

yeah jus

hit me up. i ride through the sunset all the time. i'm in the excelsior.

ya ur right

its kew that u like to race al things track. Just curious how fast have u taken ur nissian z up to ? and also wondering if youd want to ride with me and som friends next weekend

3 years ago, took it to

155mph once. the governor is set at 155. i was racing a new GTO westbound 580 from Dublin to West Oakland. Passed him at Castro Valley and he never passed me again. His GTO was fast and was catching up to me when i was going 155, he was probably going 170 or something. Unfortunately for him, he had to slow down a lot on the turns while i kept going. That was the fastest i've ever drove from dublin to frisco. i used to commute that everyday. other than that, took it to 140-145 a couple times. I try not to drive fast on public roads anymore.

let me know about the weekend ride. i got a couple friends that i ride with i'm sure would be down to go too. i usually work weekends, but whatever.


u remembered not to post pics of ur gey ass car

No need to

hate. pics of my pista together with my Track Z coming soon. what can i say, i have an interest for autos, bikes, motorcycles, etc that belong on the track. Japanese, American, or European.


WOO HOOOO! Drops! There is a god! nice job, man.

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