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Makino/3 Rensho

Bike tags: Track bike
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Makino/3 Rensho

nitto b-259aa, nitto jaguar 90

makino, tange levin

aerospoke wrapped with rubber

velocity deep v wrapped with thicker rubber for skids son!

sugino 75's cranks and bb

san marco rolls, nitto83

mks sylvan,mks toe clips, toshi double straps, izumi

dura ace, 48/16

better photos coming soon!

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risers on a makino or any sort of njs frame is like a fifa player saggin his shorts...fucking ew

y'all please shut the fuck up

this fucking bike is a makino. it has a makino logo on it. a 3rensho has a 3rensho logo on it. two different geometries, two different price ranges, two completely different bikes. some keirin cyclists prefer the progress makino bikes have made since makino's time at 3rensho. the owner of this particular makino, however, doesn't seem to be proud of his makino enough to refrain from re-emphasizing makinos apprenticeship at 3rensho over and over again. which then begs the question, why didn't this owner buy a 3rensho in the first place, right?

anyways y'all just shut the fuck up and take a look at my Kiyo.
Now THAT, children, is a fucking bike.

Ta ta.



First of all, Makino was the chief builder at 3Rensho, not an apprentice. As for paying homage to the master builder you learned from, maybe you should look at your Kiyo and notice the "K" logo and "Kiyo" font are very similar to the "R" used by Rossin and his logo. That would be an homage to him working under Rossin in Italy, there to remind you every day who taught who. Also, I looked at your Kiyo, I like my Makino better. Why so mad MADMAN?


why do you list it as a makino/3rensho?

Probably because ...

Makino is made by the former 3Rensho apprentice. Many 3Rensho frames were also made by him.

That seat tube angle is ridiculous BTW.


yeah that is because 3rensho had apprentices. but no makino frames are touched by anybody at 3rensho... makino left 3rensho to start makino.


Yes, 3Rensho had apprentices. Most notably, a guy named Makino. Thus Makino frames are very much "touched" by somebody who worked at 3Rensho.

don't forget koichi

don't forget koichi yamaguchi


what? Makino built it, therefor had nothing to do with 3rensho, except for the fact that he used to apprentice there

considering Yoshi Konno had

considering Yoshi Konno had nothing directly to do with the building of this Makino frame i'd still say it isnt a 3rensho.


It has a 3Rensho panto on it, as the owner says. Despite what you claim to know, there was an overlap between those 2 marquees. It is likely and possible (as this frame demonstrates) that both Makino and later era 3Rensho frames came from the same hands, were built with the same parts, and potentially came from under the same roof. Same story goes for Cherbium and 3Rensho. You can continue to disagree all you want. Unfortunately, there is photographic evidence that you are in fact, wrong.

do you know of yoshi konno's

do you know of yoshi konno's work history? didn't think so.


Mr Yoshi Konno began his building career by unbrazing Cinellis acquired after
the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. His accomplished collegiate cycling career
brought him initial notice in the cycling community. He remained a
formidable cyclist through middle age, completing a quick double
century on his 40th birthday.

His famous customers include Koichi Nakano (most of whose
frames were Nagasawas), Dave Grylls (Pan Am gold medal),
Gibby Hatton, Dave Harrington, Bob Mionske (4th at Seoul Olympics,
12th at Barcelona Olympics, US National Road Champion), Dan
Casebeer (US Hour record) and Greg Meeker.

or go to:

or just google yoshi konno. Why you think you know so much about him? I doubt you used to be his buddy! Also calling yourself makino san just earned you a spot in the poser cluster.

it has 3 rensho engraved

it has 3 rensho engraved logo on it. If you still don't think it's a 3 rensho built makino then too bad.


and if that is so does that make it a better frame?
fact is you have no proof of the history of this frame (which you showed by making all those dumb ass comments). for all I know it could be a fucking replica made by some nobody in his garage!

(all the critique aside the seat tube angle does look kinda sick.)

just remember: a decal or a paintjob or some fancy sparkles and tassels don't make you a better cyclist.

what are you all getting

your panties in a wad for?

it's a track bike with a a drop stem and riser bars? what kind of logic is that? put some proper bars on it and ride it on the track, where it was meant to be ridden.

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