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Walter Croll

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Walter Croll Pista

Nitto Noodle, DA

Croll 531, DA

DA to Salsa Delgado

DA to Salsa Delgado


Brooks Pro, DA

DA or MKS Sylvan Lite, Toshi Suede, Sram PC-7X

Phil 17/47

57 cm Walter Croll. Hand built in Minneapolis/St. Paul in the mid 90s. All Reynolds Competion 531 tubing including forks. Sweet lug work, cutouts on the seatstay bridge lugs and fork lugs. The paint is so layered and deep that when the sun hits it just right you can see into the depths of hell.

The craftsmen at Croll know that it's not just aesthetics and fit that make a bike great; it's also the care taken in the construction. Attention to detail and meticulous workmanship take time and effort, but the finished product reflects the skill of its makers. Each Croll is hand-built, hand-sanded, hand-filed, undergoes at least eight alignment checks, and receives between fourteen and eighteen coats of paint. Whether a Road, Mountain, Cyclocross or Track frame, each is built with Reynolds steel for resiliency and strength. By the time your Croll frame has gotten to you, the people at Croll have gotten as much out of it as you are about to.

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How much would you say this

How much would you say this frame is worth?

Just a great bicycle.

Just a great bicycle.


i have a croll pursuit frame, and this one puts it to shame. nice nice build. super tasteful.

princess sophia

croll warrior king
ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.

Some dude on my club ride

Some dude on my club ride has a Croll but his is green and a gearie (Ultegra group) and Reynolds 853 tubing (I think). Says he picked it up in Minn. where it was built. I've always admired it.


one of my fave bikes on velospace... nice.

that is a sick bike!

that is a sick bike!

Your bike sucks. Oaktown!

Your bike sucks. Oaktown!

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