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85' Torelli Pista Speciale 56

Nitto B123AA or Soma Sparrow, Nitto Pearl 9

Torelli, Dura Ace

Suzue laced to Campagnolo Omega Aero Hardox

Suzue laced to Campagnolo Omega Aero Hardox

Sugino 75, Dura Ace

Brooks B17 - Chopped and laced, Campagnolo Super Record NOS Fluted

Campagnolo straps, MKS clips with custom elkhide toe covers, IZUMI

EAI 17T, Sugino 75 48T (MKS allen-key chain tensioners)

how do those soma bars work

how do those soma bars work for you like that? thinking of trying something similar myself


How do you like the modified b.17? does it feel much different?

beautiful bike by the way.

It's pretty comfy but I had

It's pretty comfy but I had to throw the laces on there and adjusted them after a few rides to get the support right. When I go on long rides i throw a Brooks professional on.

why do people put little

why do people put little pieces of watever on their top tube on track bikes?


it acts as a top tube protector so where the bars impact on the top tube doesnt get dented or scratched. its like a make shift kashimax


Looks great!

great bike

perfect. favourite bike, great job.

mixed tapers

DA is JIS, SG75 is ISO. Just FYI.

thanks for the heads-up

I had an issue with the chain-line and had to go JIS on the BB to get it to line up right. It's ridden often and hasn't had an issue.


for the comment, yea they are great. wish mine was lugged though.
very classy.


I like these. Check out mine.

I miss my Torelli

I miss my Torelli

did you?

stitch the leather on the bike or can you take it on and off?


I stitched it using some waxed linen thread and a leather punch. I had some pieces of leather lying around from a furniture project and just liked the look better than a kashimax plastic piece. I can remove it if i want to with an exacto to cut the lacing but it serves well to protect from the bars and gives me a tiny place to lean it to a poll if i have to lock it up.

Oh... I get it.

I been wondering what those bulges on the top tubes were on track bikes. They protect the head tube from the bars smacking it, don’t they? I feel so stupid, but at least I’m not too proud to say I didn’t know up till now…

Thanks for the epiphany guys!

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