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Bianchi Pista

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2007 Bianchi Pista DB CrMo 59cm

26mm Deda Track Drops, 2mm Champ Grips & 1" Bianchi Threadless Stem

Bianchi CrMo & Bianchi VP AheadSet

Aerospoke 700c, Vittoria Rubino Pro Tire

Velocity Deep-V 36h 700c Non-Machined, DT Swiss Spokes Champ 2.0mm & DT Swiss Nipples, Vittoria Rubino Pro Tire

Truvativ Touro 1.1 48t & Truvativ Power Spline Cartridge

1987 Selle Italia Turbo Saddle & 27.2mm Bianchi Alloy Post

MKS Sylvans, MKS Clips, MKS Nylon Straps, MKS Chain Tensioners & KMC Z410 Chain

16t Dura-Ace 1/2"x1/8" Cog Affixed To A Formula TH52 High Flange Sealed Bearing Fixed-Fixed Hub

I wish I got to see this

I wish I got to see this beauty.


that is a niiiiicceeeee bike and i also noticed your an against me fan


i have a concept that i just bought and i am thinking of taping it up what kind of tape did u use and did u do it urself?


How long did the tape stay white before it got all dirty?

your chain?

where did you get it?! i've been looking everywhere for soo in need of a white chain.


I got a couple off eBay a few months back. KMC is actually starting to make these again in all sorts of colors like they did back in the day... just ask your local shop to order some.

I really like what you've

I really like what you've done with this bike.


I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this bike though. The Bianchi Pista is a great bike, I'm just not sure it's right for me.


What kind of tires are they?

Stats above ^

It's written above that I'm running Vittoria Rubino Pro tires front/back.

fuck florida.

fuck florida.


Thanks Chris! LOL, I totally take that as a compliment. You're such a Baby...Chris.

damn i need to get a chain


i need to get a chain like that.


Everyone loves the chain...BMX ish knows how to make things pop.

I miss you guys... mostly

I miss you guys... mostly the lizards.


I miss you guys too, but mostly the pretzels.


are you going to be going to the alleycat up in talahassee on may 19? its advertise don here. ill be there. we should convoy up tehre or something. dig.

Not Sure Yet.



and i saw the update to the website. love the pics and video and everything. more to come?

For Sure!

Thanks, sorry I wasn't able to take more pics at the race...too busy doing other things and I never got around to hiring a photographer. HorroH has many things in the works. We're working with a couple other companies to do some crossovers soon. The full HorroH line will drop later this year with a website revamp and release party. Stay Tuned. As for races...HorroH plans on being a factor in more of those as well.


sick sick bike. sick sick race.


I appreciate you guys coming out to the race and it was good to meet more local riders. We'll do another ride soon.


that white chain is so hot..ive never seen a white one before..i bet its a bitch to keep clean and sparkling tho ;)


I see them all the time on eBay. It actually stays pretty clean. Thanks for the comment.


Ahh I gotta have your wheels!!!


I'll box them up for you tomorrow. ; )

Fixed Fight

Looks like its gonna be tons of fun. Now you guys gotta come up to Philly and DC for a race or two. I'm glad that it is going to be a few events though. I think somebody said they had a warehouse we can crash in.

For Sure!

I'd love to take a road trip up that way sometime. I've never been to PA...we'll have to set that up.

April Fools

ReLoad's Aprils Fools race and Metal Race in New York is the week before yours. Come up for those two race's and hang out til Tuesday, we can all leave for FL together on Wednesday...

That would be sick. If I

That would be sick. If I didn't find out that I severely overdrew my checking account today, I would be so down.

Oh tragedy.

And I believe it was Corey (air wolf on BF) who has the warehouse.


You totally have a month to get that money back!

I kinda quit work yesterday

I kinda quit work yesterday : / haha.

I'm gonna try and find another job. Not at a bike shop though... something simple. Like at a coffee shop or something.

Yo Whatever

Chris and I are jobless too. Except I freelance and get payed more per project that I used to per month. Ha. Just signed a contract today. I filled out a bunch of courier applications and one at Whole Foods. Hopefully I can pick up some part time. But for real, stock up on non-perishables and convince a dumb friend to drive. Free place to stay.

Dude Todd is a dumb friend!

Dude Todd is a dumb friend! :D


Just kidding love you Todd xoxoxo


Luke, I can barely stand being in a car with you for 4 hours let alone a whole day.

I saw this bike at the race

I saw this bike at the race this weekend. Love those Pista variations.

Gainesville race

I remembered seeing your bike on velospace before and then recognized the against me! spokecard/sticker at the race this weekend.


...I saw both of yours too.

But dude... it just gives

But dude... it just gives the picture that much more. If it had my face on it, people's eyes would melt.



I'm out for a while until I get stuff together on my bike. A few changes are on the way.

do you

like those shoes for riding? I was thinking of getting some.


Why yes, I do.

I feel like I'm looking at

I feel like I'm looking at bike porn when I see these pics of your bike.

Nice placement of the vans by the way.


That is all you think about!


Who tuned that bike up for you? HE MUST BE AMAZING!


He did alright, I may need his help again soon.

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