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Minty Concept

Bike tags: Track bike | 2006 | 59cm | Atlanta 1996 | Bianchi | more tags >>
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2006 Pista Concept

Nitto - Thomson Elite

Bianchi Carbon - FSA ISII

Campagnolo Atlanta 1996 - HED3

Campagnolo Atlanta 1996

Sugino 75 - Phil

Selle Italia Turbo (Perforated) - Supertype

Custom Nuevo - Toshi Doubles

49T Zen - 18t Phil (Street) - 14t EAI (Track)


Everything about this bike is so siick

Best looking concept on

Best looking concept on velospace, people tend to over do them.

Tru dat

Yeah. + It looks so much better without the HED3

What kind of front tire is

What kind of front tire is that? I've been looking for a decent road tire with tan sidewall (700x23)

My bad, i jumped the gun

My bad, i jumped the gun




YOU are a noob...he said FRONT tire.

This bike.............

.............has been my screensaver for weeks.......nuff said basically :)

bigons be bigons

so be it


i am enjoying the stem/bar junction here.

that new picture is rockin

that new picture is rockin

Hot DAMN!!!

Before I said that this was "among" the cleanest, well now "IT IS" the cleanest. '06 celeste on HOTlanta over!

How much did you pay for your set?

[angry rant]: sold my brand new set 2 months ago for 300, now I see people in ebay paying 500+ for them, should have held on to get the extra $$$[end]

Front wheel: Campagnolo

Front wheel:
Campagnolo Atlanta 1996, HED3
Rear wheel:
Campagnolo Atlanta 1996

damn its official

fixed friday

im new to ft lauderdale. where can i find more info on this thing???

also there are going to

also there are going to start being sprint races at bicentenial park every wednesday at 7pm.
this saturday time trials are being held to put you in a racing class same place same time!

gorgeous, dude.

gorgeous, dude.


sorry that took so long
it wouldn't let me edit the comment.
ohh and the fixed friday thing is going to be on the 5th
7:30 at bayside

well its supposed to be on

well its supposed to be on the 4th of july but thats not gonna work so it will probably be on either the 5th or 12th
I have to see what people want to do


Do you still have my number??

about thirty a month for my

about thirty a month for my phone # set.

is this the same concept

is this the same concept that was at the miami fixed friday?


It's me. When are we doing that whole deal again?


Dope bike. Finally found that bike at an old Bianchi dealer after a year of searching and boy was I happy. Pics to come soon.

That one...

is def. among the cleanest I've seen. Nice and subtle nothing crazy.


Took forever to finally get the frame. It was definitely worth the wait.


hows the superlap bb?

I can't believe

it's not butter.

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