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How I cut my dropouts off

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I have had many comments on this seemingly stock Schwinn of mine but it is far from stock.

To Rai_Brains who asked how I did this here is a closer look.

Old crapy Schwinns have flat steel dropouts which is a good material for cutting up like this.

Here is the whole bike My Sunday Schwinn Cruiser

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Neat idea!

I would worry that welding the drops back on would weaken the joint where the drops were originally attached, maybe with an electro-forged Schwinn that wouldn't be a problem.

Very creative thinking. A skiptooth crank from an old woodwheeled bike would make a good crank with an "American" bottom bracket.

Last question!

Hey what did you build your new dropouts from? Or did you buy them from somewhere?


I carefully cut the old ones off at such an angle so they could flipped around and reused. That's what the paper cut outs show.


Looks like this same project is on my future. Thanks!

I appreciate it man!

Hey thanks a lot. This is awesome. I have so many questions. but I don't wanna annoy you... Like what did you use to cut? And attach the cut dropouts back on... etc Thanks again.


I'm not sure

Honestly I do not remember how I cut them off come to think about it. Probably an electric cut off wheel.

did you do that with those

did you do that with those bernz-o-matic propane tanks?!

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