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Soma Doublecross - R.I.P.

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British Racing Green 52cm Soma Doublecross

Nitto Noodle (Mod. 177) - 42cm / Syntace F99 - chrome, 110mm

Stock / Cane Creek S-3 - silver

Mavic GP4 tubular rim, Shimano 600 hub

Mavic GP4 tubular rim, Shimano 600 hub

Ritchey Pro Cross 48-38 / Shimano 105 Octalink

Brooks Champion Special - honey / Thomson Elite 27.2x250 - silver

Shimano M540 / KMC Z narrow

12x25 8sp cassette

Well all good things must come to an end, I suppose. The frame snapped after hitting a ditch on the way back from practicing cyclocross dismounts/remounts. After much delay, BikeworksNYC has finally told me that Soma has decided not to back the warranty due to "crash damage". Well of course there's crash damage, what do you expect to happen if the headtube shears off? At least I now have a pretty decent stool. Hopefully it doesn't snap while I'm sitting on it...

I would still like to thank Bike Works NYC and Campus Bicycle for helping me to find the perfect mix of parts for it. I thought it was the perfect bike. Until it snapped. And then I found out Ritchey was recalling the crankset I used because that can snap too. Now I think it was the perfect death trap.

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How far?

How many miles/riding months did you have on the frame when it went?


Just curious, but how tall are you(inseam etc) and what size road bike do you normally ride? How did you like the overall sizing/geometry etc.? Awesome bike, You basically built what I would generally ride. I like the combo of steel and leather.

I'll keep my fingers crossed

I'll keep my fingers crossed that my new Soma doesn't do the same thing!

At First Glance...

I thought I was looking at a René Herse demontable. But yours disassembles a little differently. :P

The question that needs to be asked...

Did your nuts clear the handlebars
when you wiped out?


fortunately, they did. I did get some jersey burn on my shoulder and some cuts on my right leg and arm though.


any luck with some sort of warranty replacement from soma? seems like some shaky tig welds. if your bike can break like that, and you walk away from it with all your essentials...

re: warranty

Unfortunately, no luck yet. Soma has been impossible to contact, and Bikeworks has been real slow to try to work things out for me. I'm really not happy with either of them right now.

the verdict:

Well Soma had finally agreed to take a look at the headtube. They sent an RA number and all for it, so I was getting pretty excited that they would in fact send me a new frame. Unfortunately, they determined that it was not warrantable due to "crash damage". I personally don't see how you could have a headtube separate from a frame without signs of "crash damage"... I personally feel Bikeworks didn't press the issue nearly enough. I actually had to call them a few times to remind them to mail out the headtube. Don't get me wrong, it's a great shop, I'm just pretty sure the staff are out on another planet sometimes. I also think Soma really dropped the ball as far as communication goes. I sent numerous emails to them directly prior to taking it up through bikeworks with no reply. Overall a very unpleasant experience.

I love this bike

but it looks more like slick black than British racing green... Could just be the color rendering on my display. Anyway it has inspired me to build-up a double cross in it's image. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you. I thought it was

Thank you. I thought it was black when I first got it, as well. Certainly wasn't what I thought of when I heard British Racing Green. However, when the sunlight shines right on it, you can see a green sparkle to it. Good luck with your build.

A modern classic

Lovely bike, really inspirational!

Thats not good....

It was quite a shock to see the pic of your bike in its current state, I remember it being a really elegant build. Looks like some really sketchy welds to me.


Thank you for the kind comments on the build. I really thought it had come out well, too. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who thinks the welds were sub-par.

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