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Blue 53cm Samson, with white dv's wrapped with gold conti grand prix

Bike tags: Fixed gear | samson
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Samson 53cm

nitto cross, and Nitto Jaguar 90

samson | hatta swan

DeepV | unbelievably fast shimano durace 36 | Continental 4k grand prix

DeepV | "" "" shimano durace 36 | Continental 4k grand prix

du-race | sugino t46

1 of a kind Front era Bassano, nitto jaguar post

MKS RX9 (BleH!) /w custom stussy beta army camouflage straps | MKS

EURO-Asia 17t, 46t (trixta)

upgrading pedals to MKS' Gold Custom Nuevo. hope they work out. will fill you in as soon as i try 'em out. i'm breaking my bank for this bike, i'd like for everyone to try 'em.

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Custom Nuevo's

are a good call. Buttery smooth, ultra light, and sealed bearings. Can't go wrong.

we are almost twins

Koo pic. please post a whole bike shot. My Sammy is the same color with the exception of the decal outlines, mine are gold.

love thy sammy

great looking bike. lemme know what you think of the MKS's.. ive been on the fence regarding pedals...

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