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KHS flite 100 stealth

Bike tags: Track bike | 50cm | black | concor | Deep V | more tags >>
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50cm KHS flite 100



Deep V, Formula


San Marco Concor/Thomson


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this bike stresses me out

this bike stresses me out for some reason. ive been squinting at the photo for a few minutes now.. i think maybe the wheel proportions are throwing me off? is the front wheel bigger then the rear? why is the saddle shoved so far forward on the rails? i could see that helping with weight transfer for skidding maybe? (not trying to be negative! really interesting build!)


Nice wheel, got one on my Pake.

If you haven't already gotten the X-Beams, pick those up. Does wonders against horizontal play.

The Rev-X catastrophic failures are the 96-97 ones and any year after that, you should be fine as long as you don't do anything that would break a normal wheel. Jumps all the time, massive potholes all the time. Etc. Again, the early models were the ones that labeled such a bad name to a pretty good wheel forever.


awesome man, i really appreciate the insight. Have fun with it.


did you get this off CitifY?

haha yea i did actually. it

haha yea i did actually. I got it a while back. When i picked it up from him it was butter, its been though a bit since then... that guys got such sick bikes


tell me about it, some of the sickest bikes on velospace are on that mans profile


I'm not sure what it is but I would rather ride this bike than a full NJS set up

hows taht spinergy treatin

hows that spinergy treatin ya?


I really like it, its super light, and pretty quick. crosswinds can be an issue sometimes though. In light of all the talk about catastrophic accidents due to them breaking, I've been trying to avoid potholes and unnecessary abuse. But the most part i've had no real problems. im pretty light so i think it helps, because there's a weight limit on these things.

ive wanted one for a while

ive wanted one for a while but after reading all of those horror stories i convinced myself out of it, oh well.


do my eyes decieve me or did you cut/ file down your rear dropouts?

haha nah, i think it looks

haha nah, i think it looks that way because there already kinda short and also my axle sticks out quite a bit

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