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My Cannondale

Bike tags: Track bike
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Cannondale Track 63cm

Cinelli - Bianchi

Canondale - Shimano

Velocity - Forumula

Velocity - Forumula


Selle Italia Flight


48/18 or 16

My friend Jeff painted the frame, I think it's beautiful.

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Love the paint job!

Love the paint job!

Speechless, one of the best

This is such a shame...


first of all - great job! i love the painting!

are these deep v´s electric red or is that another color? I´m thinking of putting a set of red ones on my bike...

is it possible to use that

is it possible to use that technique without having to strip and repaint the whole frame? (like if I just wanted to paint my seat tube w/ a barber spiral or somethin)


hey i see youre from oakland i was wondering if your friend did custom painting on frames?????




Bike Painting

@ SEVUCCI - I am painting my SE Lager tomorrow, here is the dude Jeff's tutorial:

Bike Painting Tutorial


your friend Jeff taught me and my boyfriend how to paint bikes thanks to his website/your bike.

too awesome for words.


... and what would that website URL be?

sick rims

got the same ones hahaha, cant wait to put it on!


TAKE THE VELOCITY STICKERS OFF THE RIMS! Such a hot frame, hot wheels, it'd just be all colour!

Jeff Rocks

awesome color and pattern. i

awesome color and pattern. i think i'll try a pattern on the next project.

Inspiring paint job

That's a sweet ride. The instructable (that I assume Jeff posted) on the paint job inspired me to try a pattern that I never would have thought possible for me.

Paint Again

Props to Jeff. I love flanel looking portion.

definitely one of the

definitely one of the coolest paintjobs i've seen.

Damn son!

That's fuckin' inspirational...

So tight!

That paint is class! Super tight.


hot paint dude..


Oh my god! What a nice paint job. Are the patterns free-hand?

so good!

so good!

I agree.

That is insane! So nice. That color is really nice as well. I can't take it... I want one so bad.

goddamn that's nice.

goddamn that's nice. compliments to jeff. by far one of the most original bikes i've seen.


i just got my schwinn madison. im going to make the fork black then put a white v deep and on the back make the drop out tubing white then thorw on a black deep v. you gave me a nice idea for my top tube with your bike. its hot

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