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fck everything O))) (R.I.P.)

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IRO group buy

nitto rbdigefkgfpvpfdplksfbpdfg OR CRIT DROPS DUDE and fsa stem

salsa and fsa

aerohead laced to formula

deep v laced to formula

bullshit truvativ and a rocket ring i scrapped together

selle san marco and cheesecake truck

mks road fuckers and toshi doubles

48/17 fuck you

originally had a groupbuy fork, front deep v and nitto pursuits until some bitch late for mass ran me over.

Edit: I hate Septa

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dont miss it

r.i.p.the black kilo. makes a good wall ornament, nay?

my eyes

yeah it's alright. its weird to see alex on this bike now.


septa sucks!
/// / //


i got hit by a bus during rocky 7. ran over the entire rear triangle which bent my chainstays and wheel. I built up another bike and gave this one to a friend who bent the chainstays back and rides it now.


im fairly sure 48/17 gives you 70.6 gear inches


700c x 23 / 165mm or 170mm crank 48x17= 74.2
700c x 25 / [same crank sizes] 48x17 = 74.5

700c x 20 / [same crank sizes] 46x17 =70.6


using some basic gankedy internet calculator i came up with 76 GI

"the diameter of the drive

"the diameter of the drive wheel, times the size of the front sprocket divided by the size of the rear sprocket. This gives a convenient two- or three-digit number"

this refers to the outer diameter of the wheel including the tire. did the calculator thingie you used account for wheel or tire size?
76.2 is the gear inch measurement for a 27"(630mm) wheel and tire combo.
most track and road bikes run 700c [622mm](aka 29") wheels which accept tires ranging from 18 to 28mm.


homeboy, dont insult my intelligence. i know what the fuck road and track bikes run. the calculator thingy was a cross section of standard chainring sizes and rear cog sizes that gave you a round number where the two numbers met. when i looked at 48 and 17 it said 76. whatever.


I screwed up:
when I posted "700c x 20 / [same crank sizes] 46x17 =70.6"
I should have typed: 650c x20......

you don't need to get mad. I was just trying to help.

p.s. I looked at your profile.... the Adjectives: vegetarian, punx, and dirty don't exactly match up with the hyphy one or you calling me a "homeboy". The word "hipster" pops into my head for some reason.


id advise meeting someone before passing judgement, but since i suppose the internet is all you got, run with it. if you're honestly gonna make a judgement based off the tags i put into a website about bikes then you just played yourself and your opinion doesn't mean shit. go ride that bridgestone mixte in the middle of bumfuck nowhere or something and get the hell off my dick.


70 is a nice number? What do you mean? I got 76 GI.

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