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59cm Kogswell Porteur

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Kogswell P/R 59cm

On-One Mary/Ritchey

Kogswell 30mm trail fork

Velocity Synergy 650B 36H/Schmidt SON28 Dynamo Hub

Velocity Synergy 650B 36H/Shimano Nexus-8 Internally Geared hub

Sugino RD single speed 170mm/Shimano UN-73 110

Brooks B17


44x21 x 8 speeds

Kogswell Porteur/Randonneur frame built up as a modern porteur. Recently modified with the addition of a custom porteur rack built by Ira Ryan, hub dynamo and Lumotec headlights, grips, some fender modifications, and whatever else I tweaked and can't remember.

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Beautiful bike--classic rack

Beautiful bike--classic rack


If everyone got one of these at 16, nobody would drive. Smart, sassy, and classy. Love it!


are those turn signals on the rear, or just two blinky lights?

blinky lights.

blinky lights.

Too cool!

650B is where it's at! Love the color, too. Very classy.


That's a great bike you got there. It's too bad about the fender stays, especially since you got the fenders nearly concentric with the wheel axles (not always easy to do). Trim the stays off and you'll have a real beauty (and be safer). Or else decorate them with some streamers or something. Everything else about it is righteous!


Now that is what I call a concept ! Not only is it a serious, efficent tool, it's got the LOOK !

love it!

absolutely love it! i seriously want one now after seeing yours built. cheers!


Ouch! what a Kool bike!

So nice!

Is that bell from Velo Orange?

No - it's the same model of

No - it's the same model of bell that V-O sells, but I got it at Jitensha Studio in Berkeley. Velo-Orange doesn't have the copper color, only the brass (Jitensha didn't have the copper color anymore the last time I was there, either).

I am using a threadless spacer mount for the bell from Velo Orange, however.


What's the story with those fenders? Are they just off-the-shelf that you painted? Or did someone roll them for you?

The fenders

The fenders are included with the frameset!

In fact, each frameset includes the matching fenders (and struts and strut-to-fender mounting hardware, although you need to get M5 bolts for attaching them to the frame yourself), a headset preinstalled, and a seatpost.


I've been lusting after one of these, and that's pretty close to how I would build mine as well. Can't wait to see the custom rack!


Nice ride. I'd like something like that for my commute.

Clean and classy, just like

Clean and classy, just like I expected! Fantastic build Adam

I agree.

Nice ride. It is sublime.

Thanks! Most of the credit


Most of the credit really must go to Matthew et. al., who designed this thing. I just hung parts on it :)

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