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A SuperCycle from Canadian Tire

Bike tags: Mountain bike | Commuter | Supercycle
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A very cheap, cost-effective and nice Canadian-made commuting bike as long as regularly maintained. Last for years as you can see this is an old one...

Some great comments by T-Mar at

which I agreed whole-heartedly:


Given that Supercycle, along other X-Mart type bicycles, are the least expensive bicycles in North American marketplace, I can understand why you think you are not impressed. However, you are looking at a glass that is 1/2 empty, while I look at it as being 1/2 full. I find it totally amazing that they can offer a Canadian manufactured, multi-speed, adult bicycle for under 0 CDN. That's the same price as a name brand, entry level lightweight from the early 1970s. Given the increases in labour and material costs, that's astounding. Factor in the fact that it is lighter due to more aluminum parts and has user-friendly featured such as indexed shifting, and it becomes almost unbelievable.

As for them being "crappy", the workmanship is on par with the entry bicycles of 35 years ago. I have worked on literally thousands of Supercycles over the years and the vast majority of problems come down to two categories. First, the users tend to abuse the bicycles. The majority of these bicycles are used by children and teenagers who have no respect for them. To-day, kids are driven almost everywhere. The bicycle has become a toy and is no longer a prized method of transportation. It is viewed by most as disposable product, meant to last 2-3 years.

Secondly, most of the bicycles are not assembled and adjusted properly. Due to the low profit margins, these stores hire cheap labor, primarily high school students who know little or nothing about bicycle mechanisms. Consequently, return rates and customer dissatisfaction is high.

If these bicycles are properly assembled, adjusted and ridden and maintained as intended, they are dependable transportation. When you say people want "dependable" transportation, what you really mean is "maintenance-free". No bicycle is maintenance free, but the typical Supercycle/X-Mart owner cannot even be bothered to oil the chain. Any maintenance is performed only after a problem has surfaced. Preventative mainenetence is a foreign word. Even a much more expensive bicycle would not survive the abuse and lack of manitenance that most Supercycle owners subject their bicycles to, especially if they were not properly assembled and adjusted in the first place.

This is not to say that Supercycle/X-mart bicycles are manufactured to the same level of standards as more expensive bicycles and are not subject to periodic quality control issues. However, they are cheap, reliable transportation provided they are properly assembled, maintained and ridden responsibly. The vast majority of the problems are actually created by the owner and secondly, by the unskilled labour employed by the stores.

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