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Retro Raleigh Clubman / Path Racer

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Lauterwasser Bars


Butchered Brooks

Awork of art indeed

ATB Just beautiful.Really grabs me.All road bikes should carry such style and grace.

Some more pictures?

Love the bike, can you post a few more pictures? the bike deserves more exposure.

cool bike, man

Do you have the Rene Herse Lauterwassers? I have the Soma ones and they are barcon compatible. I was wondering if the Rene Herse ones do.

These are original

These are original Lauterwassers.
They are narrower than the Soma's by a good 10cm and have softer curves.

Forgot to mention... I don;t

Forgot to mention...
I don;t think they are barcon compatible. Haven;t even tried but I find that even standard flat bar style levers need to be slightly shimmed to fit. So with that being said, I have a feeling the inner diameter will be too small for barcons.

You've tried barcons on the SOMAs?

That's been my question ever since I posted the bars. If you've tried barcons and they fit, could you post that to the SOMA Lauterwasser forum thread?

Oh, and if you mean the new Rene Herse bars, not old ones from France, those are SOMA bars; Rene Herse's reselling them. steppinthefunk posted this bike with these bars over two years ago, long before SOMA was importing these new bars. It would be interesting to know the maker of those bars, and how he came by them...

Stainless bottle rounds out

Stainless bottle rounds out the whole look, for me. Let's see some better pics :)

excellent and clean.

The flipped handle bars set it off. i enjoy the whole set up.

Why do you think they're

Why do you think they're flipped? That's how Lauterwasser bars were fitted back in the day. Example

More details, dude

Who makes that itsy-bitsy front rack? It gets you into the Pack mules cluster.

And those are the cleanest Mafac Racers I've ever seen.

"That look..."

Yet another fine example of a picture is worth a thousand words. You have captured handsome and grace here my friend, bravo!

clean ride...

My favorite part is that you have ourys on lauterwassers, a totally rad combination.

ive looked at this bike

ive looked at this bike several times
what kind of frame is it ?

its a great build

Such style...

You blow those colour-coordinated spray-can specials out of the water. A budget build? Shows you can't buy taste or style. Love that saddle.

True class

You have built a fine bike. I commend you on your impeccable taste. Well done!

So beautiful.

So beautiful.

SO CLEAN ArlieMarshall


ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.

Very Nice

This is very CLASSY, well done!!

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