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TAKHION SUPER SPORT TRACK         Featured Bike! on 03/15/2010

Bike tags: Fixed gear | TT track bike fixed gear pista
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School tuition is due soon, so i might be selling some of my bikes/frames.

More pictures here:[email protected]/

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suhweeet ass bike

Man friggin awesome I know its been said but I had to say it! Just straight up cool.

"In Soviet Russia bike pedal you."

Theological Question

How can there be a God when only a handful people on earth are blessed with something like this, and the rest aren't?

Did I buy your pursuit???

I think I bought your blue frame/black fork Coulumbus Max tubing with the watch bumper sticker on it. Check out my page to see what I did with it if you want.

This is the best track bike on Velospace, bar none.

Let me know if you're thinking of letting this one go for your tuition.




An internship at one of the best agency networks in the world, food, rent, and hooking you up with the best hotties in Tokyo.

But since I know you, my real advice is to sell the others.
Keep this one. This is all you.

: )


let's make it happen already

that may be the coolest

that may be the coolest thing i've ever seen

i've got some too :)

so sick

u hav absolutely no idea how rad that bike is!!!

that bike

is the dopest thing ive ever seen!

I dunno

.......but I think you can get "a bit" lower position if you really try.

Someone needs to make a pursuit bike that has the handlebars mounted to the front axle.

great idea

you should copyright that idea before somebody else steals it

you own a disturbingly large

you own a disturbingly large collection of nice ass track bikes.


fuckin jealous

if you should consider

if you should consider selling it....


God that is a sexy bike.

What rims are those?


Record HF to Matrix tubular


sweet jesus.

insane! so cool!

insane! so cool!


On the older pictures there is a heaset on the top of the fork on your bike there's nothing. So how is the fork conected to the headset/ frame?

3rd picture

3rd picture shows a slightly different model. Pictures 2 and 4 show exactly the same model as mine (no visible headset). I have never opened the headset, so i don't know how it's attached.

thank you

You're right with the pictures. But if you ever open your headset, I would be very interesetd in the function of it!
It's a wonderful bike, wow!


you're not the first one to bring it up. if i ever open it up i will post some closeups on the web. However, it works very smooth now, so i am not sure if i will ever have to get in there.




HOLY S**T! That's F-ing sick! You've got some really nice bikes in your collection. I keep seeing the same wall as a back drop for some seriously insane bikes! Nice collection!

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