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    • CommentAuthoralexss3
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2008
    So I bought a bike to convert, but I'm running into some problems/wonderful discoveries. It is a Gitane Grand Sport Deluxe from the early 70's I believe. In trying to remove the freewheel set, I counted the number of notches and came up with 24. I am not able to find any freewheel removers online above 20 notches. So my question is does anybody know where I can purchase a french freewheel remover? Or should the LBS be able to handle this seemingly outdated piece of crap?
    Use a chisel and hammer to "persuade" it off. Unless you're concerned about saving the lockring, which you shouldn't need anymore.
    • CommentAuthoralexss3
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2008
    too late. took it to the LBS and they had it off in a minute, free of charge. bought a 17t freewheel and stuck that sucker on and rode. adios 24 slot turd gears!

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